Local Dopeness >>> Left Coast Apparel Extended Edition!


If you read our third issue of the OMGDrift Magazine, you saw our article on the emerging clothing brand, Left Coast Apparel. We hung out with Left Coast Posse a couple times and got a lot of great content that didn’t all make its way into the magazine. Due to this, we wanted to do an extended article featuring the ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Thursday Night DRIFT March 12, 2015


Formula DRIFT kicked off their Thursday Night DRIFT open practice sessions at Irwindale Speedway this last Thursday, March 12! The open practice sessions offer tons of seat time for drivers at the legendary track for only $75, while spectators pay just $10 for admission. For more information, be sure to check out this post on Formula DRIFT’s website! Read More »

Podcast Dopeness >>> OMGDrift Episode #001


Over the years literally hundreds of people have approached us to a podcast.We’ve always toyed with the idea, but, we could literally never pull the trigger. Why? Crippling social anxiety! No, we are not joking. One of our biggest fears is speaking so it ONLY MADE PERFECT SENSE TO PUT OUT A PODCAST. However, when John Jimison approaches you with ... Read More »

Event Dopeness >>> JustDrift Opening 2015


JustDrift kicked off their 2015 season this last weekend with open drift sessions on Saturday and Sunday at Willow Springs Raceway! Unfortunately, we couldn’t be out there on Saturday, but we went to the track on Sunday. Sunday had less than desirable weather conditions (while Saturday apparently had beautiful weather #notbitter), so I apologize for the smaller gallery! Read More »

Pro-Am Dopeness >>> Vegas Drift Round 1 2015


Vegas Drift kicked off their 2015 season in Phoenix this past Valentine’s Day weekend! What’s the most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day? COMPETE, WATCH, SHOOT, AND JUDGE DRIFTING OBVIOUSLY. So that’s just what we did; with Drew as a guest judge and Caitlin and Tabrese as shooters. It was one romantic day we would not soon forget. ... Read More »