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2011 Review Dopeness >>> My Year In Photos

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This is not the usual OMG post. This covers my year from start to this point. It won’t cover until the end as there is a drift day on new years eve that I’ll be covering but we can ignore that for now.
This has been the most eventful year of my life. Mainly because this year I got married. We had the our idea of the best honeymoon possible. I joined the ranks of OMG and covered some of the best drift events I’ve been to.

This is a quick shot of my car that after 2 years of being idle and with loads of help from my friends they got back to an almost running state for their wedding present to me and Aideen.

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The year started off with sorting a millions things for the wedding. The first real shoot I was going to get to was a local forestry rally. The Tipperary Sean Conlon Memorial Forestry Rally. Theres nothing like a MK2 Escort sliding in a forest with dirt, mud and stones been thrown everywhere!

Next up was a drift practice day which was run with the Red Cross in aid of the Japanese Tsunami.

Some more wedding stuff took my time up for the next few weeks. 3 weeks before the wedding Prodrift Round 1 was on.

This is a photo of myself and my dad (Tom) looking on at my new wife (Aideen) and her dad (Mike). Photo courtesy of Photos By Caroline.

For our honeymoon we went to the US. We had 2 weeks. We were staying in one of the Disney hotels in Orlando. While we were there STS134 was launching and so we went to see it. We went to hire a Chevy Aveo. When we turned up the guy behind the counter offered us a Camero. Now to anyone from the US I’m sure ye’re like ya a Camero, so what, there’s 10 on my block. Well we’re Irish the only new Camero we’ve seen has been on tv, film or the net.

We waited at Space View Park in Titusville at the base of the Gemeni monument for a few hours waiting for the launch.

The morning was amazing, however it clouded over minutes before launch. Still it was unreal to be so close to a launch. The sound and feel of it was unbelievable.

We followed this up with a different hire car.

We then drove to Charlotte, NC to go visit the Nascar Hall of Fame, being a big Nascar fan this was a huge thrill for me.

To top it off we decided to have a walk around the speedway and you’ll never guess what happened. The Allstar race was on. What were the odds we’d take a random 1200 mile round trip and find this?

Once the honeymoon was over (believe me I still wish it wasn’t) we came back home in time for Prodrift Round 2.

Next up was Prodrift Round 3 but on the Friday before there was a practice day. Read about it here.
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This was from the actual event. Read more here.
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Next up is a bit of a change to what most of ye will be used to. Field sports. The first one is a sport we call Hurling. It’s nice and violent.

We also have another sport called gaelic football. Its like a mix of soccer and rugby. Again it can get pretty violent. The angry looking guy is my cousin!

We had Prodrift Round 4 in Mondello. Check it out here.
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I tagged along with James Deane to cover Round 5 of Drift Allstars which due to the state of the UK at the time I renamed Riot 5. You can read all about the round here. Also check out a video by Dan Joyce here. We also have a driver blog by James Deane here.

As part of the event there was RC drifting in the paddock. I thought I’d check it out and see what I could come up with. Read it here.

Back in Ireland Prodrift Round 5. Check it out here. Again we have a blog by James Deane here.

A new practice event was setup here called Driftfest. This was from the first run of it.

Another few gaelic football ones now. First up was the county semi final. The team in red is my local team.

The won the match above and got through to the final but sadly they lost out on this occasion.

This was from the second run of Driftfest. I’ll have a blog on these some day soon. The car in this photo has a very long history. Virtual high five to anyone that know where from but before its Irish days.

Last up for my life this year has been a small addition to our house. Until recently we both worked about 30 miles away and had very long work hours. I changed job which meant I could be home at a reasonable time. We’ve always wanted a dog and now is the time. I’d like to introduce the world to OMGBob
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2011 Review Dopeness >>> My Year In Photos