A Long Overdue Gallery From NissanFest 2018

Caitlin Ting

Once upon a time…I went to NissanFest (the day was April 21st and yes I’m aware that today is June 27th and I’ve admittedly dropped the ball here). Over the years I’ve heard of NissanFest, but I never had the chance to attend since I lived in southern California and the event takes place at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest however, I’ve been privy to the PNW events and it’s honestly just fantastic.

I’m familiar with Evergreen Speedway, I’ve been shooting the Formula Drift events there for the past four years. However, before NissanFest, I never had the opportunity to shoot at Evergreen outside of Formula Drift. This made for a truly exciting day for me, even though it started out very cold and wet.

NissanFest featured several activities including a car show, a team tandem competition, and an entry contest. While the day started with rain, it cleared up by the time drivers were out on track drifting and doing team tandem.

Personally, there is something special about watching three or more cars tandem together — those are the moments that I love to recall when I have to explain drifting to other people.

All in all, thanks to NissanFest, I had a great time getting the chance to experience Evergreen Speedway in a new way. It was awesome to see a different run layout because it gave me a new perspective for photos at a track that is already one of my favorites to shoot at.

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A Long Overdue Gallery From NissanFest 2018