Birthday Dopeness >>> Odi Backchis’s Birthday Bash at Adams Motorsport Park


Odi Backchis called me a couple days before my own birthday to invite me out to his “Hey Ross, Adams, Saturday the 11th. 5pm. Bring cameras.” Sounds rad. After a quick phone call to Justin Garnett, we were set.

At 5pm on saturday Justin and I pulled into the parking lot, to discover the one and only Alex Pfieffer was unloading his car and wondering the same thing we were. “Where was Odi?”

Odi rolled into Adams fashionably late, as people tend to do for their own birthday and quickly had his car unloaded, along with the other guests of the night.

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This dude, in his all original 86, was ripping around the course, clutch kicking to high hell and letting the whine of his 4AG fill my ear drums with sweet sweet revs.

Jeff Jones drove down from the Valley and hit the track quick, sending plumes of smoke into the air with his CX Racing S14

Alex Pfieffer brought out his stupidly fast and very pretty SC300 to thrash around the track in, going door to door with Odi most of the night

Alex informed me he is attempting to get his Lexus registered for road legal use. I wish him the best of luck, and hopefully the DMV wont pay attention to the roll cage.

I never caught this kids name, but his FD was clean, and after a few learning adjustments, was ripping around the course.

Odi was at full lock every single run. I had no idea how much angle his car actually got

I feel bad not knowing this guys name either. I have seen his car at a couple different Top Drift events, and he is CRAZY with his entries.

Walker Wilkerson also decided to show up, after being down in Long Beach at the Queen Mary for a car show earlier in the day.

Jeff Jones and Alex Pfieffer having a bit of tandem fun

This must have been after my own camera died. (Thank you Ricky Cervantes for loaning me a new battery)  Alex Pfieffer ripping through the chicane.

And a final shot of Walker, just because he is so dreamy with his bleached hair.

After we finished up at Adams, it was time to head to Odi’s personal shop and home to Feal Suspension.

Amy, Odi’s wife, force fed me chocolate chip cookie cake, Complete with a plastic batman picture thing. I may have had more than one slice, and it may have been quite amazing.


I also put together a quick video, just because pictures cant show people singing to Odi

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  1. August 18, 2012 at 12:15 am

    Andrew owns the blue FD. boso!

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Birthday Dopeness >>> Odi Backchis’s Birthday Bash at Adams Motorsport Park