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Build Dopeness >>> Jesse’s Smurfin’ S14 Silvia

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In a scene where every second Japanese automotive enthusiast has a Silvia of some form, it’s a hard mission to stand out and make your car known to people within and outside your interest. Unless you are Jesse Williams, an automotive student hailing from Tauranga, New Zealand. Jesse has thrown his personality in to this car; a clean and presentable image, something tidy that stands out against the crowd, but also has the potential to, and I quote “kick fucking ass.”

image 01

One thing you notice about the car as soon as you lay eyes on it is the blue right panel. Now I know what you’re thinking, “did he crash it?” or “did he buy it like that?” The answer lies in the statement I opened with. It stands out. After spending some time over the last months talking over the car with Jesse, I found the questions asked about the panel are what help make the car stand out. It keeps people questioning the car, and in my opinion, it looks pretty badass anyway.

image 02

The interior of this 215KW Japper is set up for the daily errands, but also for that little bit of sideways fun, with its custom weighted shifter made by the man himself, the smallest flick throws it in to gear, and a sAAs drift suede wheel gives you the control over steering that you need in those cheeky ‘the clutch slipped on my way outta the intersection’ moments. And those gauges… Just.. Those gauges man.

image 03

image 04

image 05

One thing that makes this car show off its own personality is the numerous stickers which decorate her exterior; and the dashboard. All sorts of funny business going on here, right? Whoever said drifting was a crime should have bad things done to them.

Lots of bad things. But I digress.

image 06 top online casino offers

Time to get in to details with this 4 banger. Now this engine is probably not familiar with some of you American readers, but it’s certainly one of the most controversial. Under the hood lies a simple yet very functional SR20DET 2.0L 4 cylinder inline engine, with a top mounted T3/T4 turbo running 13.7psi and an aftermarket front-mount intercooler, upgraded fuel pump, 550cc injectors, front strut brace and a full 3 inch exhaust. A basic setup, for sure, but I can let you know that it definitely gives you a bit of a rush. And of course, it’s all painted blue. slots that use paypal

image 07

The shoes in charge of keeping this silvia in a straight line or at least in a controlled slide are 17×8 steel rims on the front, and 17×9 on the rear, with XYZ adjustable suspension being in charge of giving her the aggressive ride height that it flaunts oh so well.

image 08 real roulette online game

I found it rather intriguing that no matter where you took this car, or where you took a photograph of it, it just looked like it was ready to go at any time. It is all about function, yet it still has that form about it, it certainly is hard to explain, so I’ll let these last photos explain. Remember, a photo speaks a thousand words.

image 09

image 10

image 11

image 12

And here’s one just for you, Jesse. (ex oh)

image 13

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    May 7, 2014 at 9:25 am

    any more info on those 17″ steelies??? like… where can i get them lol

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Build Dopeness >>> Jesse’s Smurfin’ S14 Silvia