Canadian Dopeness : Maple Leaf Bash 2017

Richard Desaulniers

I had promised myself I wouldn’t start off my contributions to OMGDrift 2.0 with a gallery post… Whoops

“But bro, you haven’t even done your staff intro post yet”

2018’s almost here right? New year new me… Or whatever other ridiculous bullcrap that will provide me with an excuse for that. Anyway!

“Don’t you have something more important to post about?”

Yes? No? Maybe? Probably? I guess we’ll see when we get there?

“Wasn’t the Maple Leaf Bash back in early October?”

Yes. Yes it was.

“What the heck are you doing then?”

A Christmas suprise? Yeah I’ll go with that!

I hope you all enjoy these photos, it’s better than getting some damn socks for christmas no? You’ll see more of me in 2018, but in the mean time :
Happy holidays (Whatever it is you choose to celebrate) to you all and PLEASE, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

– Richard

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Canadian Dopeness : Maple Leaf Bash 2017