Holy Amazing Event Parking Lot Dopeness

Northwest Dopeness >>> Cars And Coffee In The Rose City

It’s the off-season, and aside from the ongoing drift events that happen at Pat’s Acres and beyond, there’s not much bustling around. However, car culture is very much alive in Oregon, and this weekend’s Cars and Coffee meet in Portland was certainly no exception. More after the jump! Read More »

2012 Dopeness >>> Midwest (And Beyond) Year End Recap (56K Death)

Well, I seem to still be alive, and if you’re reading this, I assume you are too. No doomsday apocalypse here, so to celebrate, I present my year-in-review post. I traversed nearly 11,000 miles and spent over $1,100 in fuel, on top of hotels, food, camera gear/repairs/rentals, supplies, etc. The end result of those expenditures follows (you’ll find links to ... Read More »

Midwest Dopeness >>> DriftSTL Presents: The 12 Hour Drift Day #1

    Sunday’s drift day, hosted by DriftSTL and Driving Angle Motorsport, marked the return of the organization’s major events after over a year’s hiatus. With 34 registered drift cars, 60+ show cars and over 500 people in attendance, DriftSTL came out swinging for 2012 and has plans to keep up the momentum for the remainder of the year. Read More »

Hardparked Dopeness >>> Low N’ Slow at Big Boy Burgers

So, you won’t usually see me covering events in Los Angeles. You won’t even see me covering events in the United States. I’m from the UK, as you would know if you follow my Drift Allstars coverage.  This is an awesome, new scene to me. I loved it. And you should totally make the jump. Read More »

Random Dopeness>>> Nissan Sil-Eighty

Golden Week in Japan is our best National Holiday, and gives us some much needed free time… Of course, this means all the finest Cars in Japan come out to play, so it keeps me happy Like this Kaneko Engineering S13 180sx with S13 Silvia front end… Fully Street Legal Drift car! Up until now I have been extremely busy, ... Read More »

Japan Dopeness >>> A Day At T&E / Sui:Vax

I know Ross Fairfield has been waiting for this one. Let me introduce to you T&E Vertex Performance HQ… Sui:Vax! Based on the outskirts of Yokohama city, T&E was started by D1GP Driver Takahiro Ueno. I’m sure you all know him worldwide for his famous Aero kits and D1 action, but here is a close up on a relaxing day ... Read More »