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Colorado Dopeness >>> Drift Colorado’s First Event of 2014!

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Drift Colorado (www.driftcolorado.org) hosted their first event of 2014 last month and in typical Colorado fashion, the weather wasn’t too eager to cooperate. After a night of snow & sleet at the track, temps were hovering in the low teens with dense fog by the time the track went ‘hot.’

Being the first practice event, a lot of the local drivers had brought out vehicles from last year that had been resigned to “missile” duty. Levi Wait was no different as his convertible being built for the 2014 season is still under the knife. Instead he brought out his LS-powered 325 coupe, still showing the carnage from a tangle with local driver Nick Tomberlain during last year’s Drift Week. real money roulette australia

Not everyone got the memo however as this Bimmer was possibly the cleanest car out there.

That’s not to say it wasn’t getting used however.

As the roads cleared up later in the morning more drivers began arriving, including local pro-am driver Travis Avery (AKA: ROAD BOSS) fresh from Vegas Drift’s Phoenix event. His fun was put to a premature end however as his LS let go during a tandem run in the afternoon.

Also showing up later in the morning was this S13’s driver who had an interesting solution to getting all of his spares and tools to the track with him. It’s not too often you see a track car pulling a trailer. virtual money games

As the morning progressed, the asphalt dried out and the drivers started putting on the smoke show.

Well… most of the drivers.

Another great looking car out on track was Slava Adler’s BR-Z. This thing turns heads just sitting in the paddock but it really looks at home when put in motion.
The course layout was pretty straight-forward offering a safe place for new drivers to get acclimated to drifting, as well as allowing the returning veterans a comfortable place to shake the cobwebs free.
It also allowed for some good high speed sweeper action in both directions.
Luckily with such a large venue when someone does overcommit there’s not a whole lot around for anyone to hit. This tends to keep people in a ‘never-lift’ mindset.

Later in the afternoon, after the sun had warmed up the track for a few hours and the drivers got their confidence back, the caged drivers took to the track together for some multi-car tandem train action.

One of the most intriguing vehicle builds that made its Drift Colorado debut was this purple Nissan Hardbody. With a snarling V8 and S14 coilovers fixed to custom mounting points in the truck’s full cage that weaves its way through the body while providing a trophy truck style radiator mounting solution in the bed.
I can’t wait to see what he and the rest of the local drivers accomplish during the 2014 Enjuku Racing Points Series when it kicks off on May 18th in Dacono, CO. Luckily we have another event this upcoming Sunday back at PPIR to tide me over, as long as the incoming snow storm doesn’t ruin our fun. Until then, make sure to check out Drift Colorado’s events on their site, Facebook and in person and enjoy the rest of the photos below.


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  1. April 9, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    hey thanks for the cool picture of my truck. event was a blast, I’m hoping to make it to the first round

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Colorado Dopeness >>> Drift Colorado’s First Event of 2014!

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