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DMCC Round Four: Long Overdue, But It’s Here Now!

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I’m sorry for the delay everyone! A lot of personal things have happened as of late, but here it is, the final round of DMCC West 2011. This event took place at the Penticton Speedway in British Columbia, Canada. What an event. I thought of a different way to write this article; why not let the drivers tell the stories. So without further ado, here is Round Four!

OMGJesse: Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you? What team do you drive with? What division?

SH: Hey Jesse, my name is Spencer Hogg and I drift for Boss Imports Canada with our JZX100 in the DMCC Western Pro-Am series.

ST: Hi, I am Steven Thompson and I drive the Drift Union Soarer in the Pro Division.

AM: Andrew Moschuk, AMR/Yokohama Pro Div, Mazda FD.

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OMGJESSE:  Andrew, you had to drive to this event, how was the drive? Refreshing to be out of Alberta?

AM: Despite it being the final round of the series, I was more relaxed for this event than any of the Alberta events. Some people say that BC has a more layed back “vibe”, but I think my level of stress was down mostly because we showed up two days early. Having a day to float down the river, rent jet skis, hang out on the beach…all that made a big difference.


OMGJesse: Steven, how was it for a larger style event to finally come to British Columbia?

ST: It was really refreshing and fun to have all the guys come out from Alberta. It was a huge event and we didn’t really know what to expect. I guess we thought that maybe 5 cars would come out, so to arrive on Saturday morning and see the pits jam-packed with drivers was really a big shock. We didn’t know the level of driving Team Alberta would bring, so arriving to see pro-level cars and teams gave me a few butterflies, I’m not gonna lie.

OMGJesse: So, all the trash talk on Driftwest.ca, BC vs. Alberta, what were your guy’s thoughts when practice first started?

SH: BC vs. Alberta? Usually beef is started by forum troll losernators who haven’t drifted a car in the last half-decade. These are my brethren!

AM: The Alberta vs. BC thing started with someone (who wasn’t even at the event) saying that if DMCC had a BC event, that BC drivers would dominate. So DMCC held a BC round. I was really disappointed to see the amount of turnout from BC.

ST: The whole shit-talking on Driftwest was awesome. I think that everyone knows that deep down we are all in it for the sport and want to do well to represent our provinces. I think all that shit-talking made for a really good build up and high expectations.

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OMGJesse: Andrew, Spencer, what did you guys think of the Penticton Speedway?

SH: Penticton sure knows how to throw down, the track especially is extra cool – not the first time I have been around it! It’s quite smooth compared to what we have in Calgary, but small enough to remain complex and technical with a solid bank entry/exit.

AM: The view from the track was amazing!

OMGJesse: What is everyone’s opinion on the track layout, and how qualifying went?

SH: Qualifying was great, seemed like there were some questionable calls here and there, but everyone forms their own opinions when we’re treating this sport like a business.

AM: The track itself was small, and the course layout basically cut that small track in half. I wasn’t happy with how slow and awkward the initiation was. During qualifying, I was using my ebrake to enter the course, which allowed me to enter faster than everyone else and then slow down quickly, but that forced me to take a shallower line into the first clipping point. I ended up qualifying 10th, with the NOS Energy Fastest Entry Award.

ST: The track layout was awesome. No manji’s means close tandems, and I think the level of tandem spoke for itself. High speed, high risk, high level of entertainment. Qualifying was good, I wanted to put in a safe first run and I did that; I was off on the first wall clip because the transition is harsh – I broke a steering rack on it a few events prior. I wanted the fastest entry speed but missed out to Andrew by only 1 kmh. I was still happy though, considering I have a huge car running on 50% 225/40/18 inch tires. My safe runs put me in 7th spot, and my bracket meant that I would go up against Andrew in the Yokohama rx7. real slot machines for real money

OMGJesse: Alright, enough nice talk. Top 16. How did it go? Who was your favourite?

SH: I have to say that out of the entire event, the qualifying, and then further coming into the competition, was incredibly exciting. Crashes, taps, yelling, screaming, people freaking out…really made for quite a show.

AM: I was matched up with one of the local BC guys Steven, in the purple Toyota Soarer. I made a mistake on the transition off the bank and ended up messing up my chase line. My lead run was clean; I didn’t see how well Steve followed. After that I really didn’t watch too much of the top 16.

ST: Going into Sunday morning’s practice, I wanted to watch Andrew drive and get to know his style. I knew he was fast, so I would have to bring it. I managed to beat him in the top 16 battle and moved on to my top 8 fight against Kurtis Goat.

OMGJesse: Great 8: competition heats up, crashing, and questionable calls. Let’s talk about the judging, and your opinion on it. Steve, what are your first and last impressions of the DMCC organization, and judging style?

ST: Top 8 was the battle I looked forward to most. Driving with Kurtis was something I wanted to do all weekend; I knew he could throw down in a good tandem battle and wouldn’t mind a little paint swapping. I followed him first and was close the entire run, at some points we were literally side-by-side looking at each other. He followed close as well; I though it would be a OMT for sure and was more then happy to drive with him again. Apparently though, his contact with my door was the turning point and I was awarded the win. For the record, I didn’t even feel the love tap. I literally never look behind me when I’m leading.

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OMGJesse: Final four, enough said. Let’s hear your thoughts.

AM: Conroy laid down the tightest tandem runs against Shawn Brown that I have ever seen out west. He was going so hard that I think he just ended up beating himself with a crash into the tire wall.

ST: Up next I was against Shawn Hawley in the Clarion jzx90. Battle of the JZ BOATS was about to go down, I suprised him with an extra serving of angle and managed to move on to the battle for first with former multiple champion John Schildwatcher. I was confident in beating him, but was slightly too conservative in my chase run and we had an OMT. With nothing left to lose and no more driving, it was time to get rowdy. I put in my best 2 runs of the weekend and while John was chasing he hit the wall and bent the shit out of his car. I thought I had the win, but in a weekend of confusing calls and questionable judging John got the win and retained his DMCC championship title.

OMGJesse: Alright guys, let’s hear an event wrap up, and your thoughts. You don’t have to be nice either.

SH: Overall, I think that not only the final event, but the entire series for DMCC West went pretty well. Drivers did their best and threw down like there was no tomorrow, with plenty of vigor and determination. Podiums were well deserved, and I think everyone had a blast, regardless of whether it was driving til’ the wheels fall off (Angus) or partying like mad…plenty of fun was had.

(Im sorry Spencer, I don’t have a good photo of you to put here, so i’m using an apology. Everyone, this sentence is what Spencer looks like.)

AM: Overall, I have to say that it was a fun event. Driving in a new place with new people is always exciting. This event definitely showcased the improvements that a lot of drivers made throughout this season. I would definitely attend another event there.

ST: DMCC was an amazingly fun event. It seemed well organized, but the “judging criteria” was a joke. I dont want to, and nor will I, blame the judges, but I would hope that the organization of DMCC realizes that the criteria they make the judges follow is terrible.


OMGJesse: And who do you all want to thank?

SH: I’d like to thank my crew that came out, and some very special family members that made the trek all the way out just to see me. Boss Imports Canada is a force to be reckoned with: LOOK AT OUR CAR SON.

AM:  I would like to thank my sponsors, Yokohama Tires, Seibon Carbon Fiber, Mishimoto, BC Racing, Castrol, Carbonetic, and SuperPro Bushings. I would also really like to thank my teammate Conroy, and the guys at 4Kruzn Motorsports, Curtis and Lee, for building me an awesome car. I’d like to thank our crew chief Dave for keeping us armed and ready at all times. I would also like to thank all the media guys that took some amazing shots this season too! Mike Boldt, Jesse Cable, Dave and Tony… and of course all the fans who came out to support DMCC west this season. Can’t wait for next year! “Like” us on Facebook: “AMR CANADA.”

ST: I’d like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for her support, not just for this event but for the whole year, my Drift Union brothers, Shawn Browne and Logan Noel, for making drifting fun, all the drivers that made the trip out for the event,media for all the time and money they spend on covering events, the staff, volunteers and organizers for making the event fun, and the fans for their continued support. DRIFT UNION!!!!!!! top online us casinos

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And that is the best, and last, of the DMCC Western Canada events. What a swan song it was. After the controversy this year, DMCC had made the decision to pull out of Western Canada. I have good news for all those reading though, the grass roots community is planning something huge. I’m not allowed to say what, or who yet, but you best be keeping an eye out! real money bingo app ipad

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DMCC Round Four: Long Overdue, But It’s Here Now!