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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Birmingham Riot 5

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This was my first Drift Allstars event this year. These events are not easy for me to get to, I end up going through 3 countries to get there (more on this in a driver blog later). Not to mention the risk of the event not going ahead, not enough cars turning up if it did, getting hurt when I get there, having the cops shut it down. Basically the event was at risk from the riots in the UK during the week. While going for food during the day the windows and doors of the shop next to where we ate were all smashed. This was less than half a mile from the track.

Needless to say the event went ahead, enough cars did turn up, I didn’t get hurt (much) and the cops only flew over a few times.

First up was a practice session and as this was a single day event everything had to be done and dusted that day.

Its always good seeing a driver going hard, although I don’t think he realised he was going this hard. Check out the sparks from the rear!

Phil Morrison, smoke, need I say more.
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OK so I can. More smoke.

Finally, in the words of Phil. That’s where I’ve been keeping it.

James Deane came out top in qualifying with a score of 295 out of 300. This shot was his one of qualifying runs. I don’t think he could have gotten any closer.

Just as it was getting dark the top 8 started. The battles were great, some really close ones. Unfortunately Nigel Colfer had a little mechanical trouble, a boost pipe popped off.

James Deane came up against Phil Morrison and won.

After a great battle with Christy Carpenter James Deane came out on top.

If anyone is wondering what the glow at the top is, that would be Ross Ianson.

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Birmingham Riot 5