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Event Dopeness >>> Drift Colorado 2012 Season Finale

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Drift Colorado’s 2012 drifting season is sadly, at an end. With this being their first year to organize events, I would say it has been a success. As drivers, they were able to take that outlook and apply it in order to run events by drivers, for drivers.

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This round, Drift Colorado welcomed a special guest as a judge. This guy.


Matt Powers and friend, Nick Bliler towed his demo car from California to drive with local drifters and hang out with Colorado. You probably recognize the car since it’s his chassis from the 2011 Formula Drift series.  This is the same chassis Matt tried to kill me in at Irwindale last year. If you’re not familiar with the story, I went on a ride along with Matt during Thursday’s practice and we ended up in the wall.  Matt offered me another ride along this time and guess what? No crashes! Although the track wasn’t as high speed or as big as Irwindale, it was still one of the best ride alongs I’ve ever had. You can check out Matt’s video from Colorado here.


The event was held out at IMI Motorsports Complex where karting and dirt bikes are what’s usually out at the track. This time, the parking lot was full of 240’s, FC’s, AE86’s, and more. The day began at 8AM with a driver’s meeting to allow Drift Colorado to go over the overall day. Drivers were broken out into three run groups and given set practice times in order to keep the event running on time. slot online


It was great to see some new faces and new cars out at this event. It wasn’t long ago when events were scarce and the number of drivers was dwindling but this year Colorado has proven that drifting is still alive.


Wes Moya, winner of the Insane Entry Award from No Coast, ended up experiencing a lot of issues with his car this round. A broken axle was just one of many problems.

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Brandon Hack decided to make a special sticker to put on his car this round. If you’re wondering, nobody hit him.


Matt made a few rounds in his car and also tandemed with the locals.


During their down time in between run groups, many drivers spent it fixing their cars and changing out tires.

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Qualifying began shortly after another driver’s meeting early afternoon. Each driver was given three qualifying runs to make the top 16 and move on to the main competition. The judges for this round were Matt Powers, Jeremy Norris of Drift Colorado, and Brian Kraft of Drift Armor.


Here are some of the drivers staging, ready to get out on track for qualifying.


There seemed to a few more FC’s than usual out at this event.


Gideon Montoya in his S14 during qualifying.


One driver, Jason Burch, brought out his new Scion FR-S. Thankfully, it left in one piece!


After tallying scores and entering names in the bracket, the top 16 drivers were announced. The main competition was ran just like previous events have been with a trailing tandem for those who did not have a cage and regular tandem for the cars that did. This proved to be fairly difficult, especially when some cars had too much of a gap during their battles. It’s difficult to judge when you’re trying to watch two cars at the same time; it’s easy to miss things. However, that’s also why there’s more than one judge.


Frank Cundari of Triple Crown Drift was the number one qualifier.

Top 16:

#1 vs #16 Frank Cundari v Levi Wait
#2 vs #15 Logan Dimmick v John Pape
#3 vs #14 Kasey King v Jason Abeyta
#4 vs #13 Joe Ocampo v Riley Fremont
#5 vs #12 Nick Tomberlin v Alex Svyatetskiy
#6 vs #11 Zach Mullens v Gideon Montoya
#7 vs #10 Kasey Kohl v Mike Schaeffer
#8 vs #9 Eric Costen v Ilya Klyuchnikov


The winners of Drift Colorado’s Round 3 event were Kasey King of Triple Crown Drift in first with his 2JZ SC300, Ilya Klyuchnikov with MoFab in second with his 2JZ SC300, and Joe Ocampo in third with his SR20 powered 240SX. For the overall series, Joe placed first, followed by Ilya in second, and in third was Eric Costen in his 240SX.


Dirft Colorado would like to congratulate all of the winners and thank everyone that has supported them throughout the season: “Thank you to everyone that has supported us all season! We’re so proud to have had a successful first annual points series and are excited to start planning next season this winter. We appreciate all our sponsors this year: NASA Rocky Mountain, Enjuku Racing, MoFab LLC, Hanksville Hot Rods, Speed Image Performance, Colortuned, OMGDrift.com, Hotmustard.org, Colorado Nissan Owners Club. All our photographers that have supported us through the season, to name some of our biggest supporters: Leann McGlasson, Brad Deen, Robert Robinson, Todd McCarthy, and Acata LLC. And last but not least, without all the support of the fans and the drivers we wouldn’t be able to do any of this. Thanks to everyone who has come to even one of our events to support us, we appreciate it and look forward to 2013!!!”

Congratulations to all of the winners and a huge thank you to Drift Colorado for organizing these events. We look forward to next year!

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Event Dopeness >>> Drift Colorado 2012 Season Finale