Shoutout to Tyler McQuarrie for being a complete boss and destroying it in Vegas!

We decided to roll in early on Wednesday to get the upperhand on the heat, by spending zero time in the heat. This was going to be our only day of salvation from the beast that is Vegas weather. After settling in to our hotel room at Siena Suites(SHOUTOUT!) we had two options. Hit the strip, gamble, and lose our money. Or alternatively, bust out the Nintendo 64 and play NFL Blitz 01 while we wait for our escapades of Night Go-Karting to begin. Check out the article here on our Wednesday shenanigans.


So right off the bat, the “OMGDrift Gangster Ass Driver” Award goes to Tony Brakohiapa, for driving like an absolute beast. We hope the next two events play out just as well for Tony B.!


While Andrew Bohan featured a shot of Vaughn Gittin Jr driving with his eyes closes (Seen above), Taka pulls out an equally cool trick by not looking at the track in front of him. Sometimes the Sunset is just beautiful enough to completely take your eyes off the track.


There must have been something in the air this weekend, it clearly couldn’t have been the heat. I say this because people were driving way more gangster than normal. I’ve always been a fan of Mad Mike, but his driving this weekend was INSANE! The car looks great and he’s now rocking that nice little lip spoiler. I don’t know if that’s what did it, but he just came into every corner like he’s been driving this course everyday for years. Mad Mike was so to speak, Mad.


The trend of Gangster Ass driving continued on with Major OMGDrift support Kyle Mohan in qualifying. His first run was good, and while I’m not a judge I thought it was great and worthy of a higher score. His second run though, Oh My God! It was just killer, and rightfully so because until Sam Hubinette came in on his second run, Kyle was the number one qualifier, and that was after some of the craziest qualifying runs I’ve ever seen.


I’ve always been a big fan of the Hyundai like Sunday Genesis and driver Rhys Millen, but that was brought up about 1,000 levels when Rhys decided to run the OMG sticker on his bumper! I mean, that’s super cool! Maybe I freak out randomly, but I’m really happy with that.












What was he point of that large cluster of shots? That’s just a small photo-list of people who support OMGDrift! That to me is insane, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s just really cool to see this support considering we’re so new we don’t have a budget, we travel out of pocket, and we’re just a few guys who love drifting and these amazing people have given us the opportunity to survive! Speaking of, head over to the sponsors sections of Formula D and see if you don’t see something interesting! I sure like it.  Seems like a weird way to end the article, tons of pictures with a small amount of reporting. I will be completely honest with everyone, by the time Saturday night had hit, I was so exhausted I couldn’t remember past the top 4! Hang around for the possible writeup from Authors Andrew Bohan and Justin Garnett. Also enjoy the BIG gallery this time.

See you thugs in Sonoma soon!

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