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Event Dopeness >>> LA Auto Show + Recaro Party!

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Last week we attended the LA Auto Show and Recaro was nice enough to invite us out to their after party! Story after the jump.

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The LA Autoshow for me is always a weird show to cover; while brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Bentley are revealing beautiful cars for the masses, I’m over here thinking “Man, I really gotta move out of my Mom’s house”. It’s decently hard for me to connect with these higher end show stoppers (At least in stock form, show me anything slightly modified and I’m already figuring out ways to afford it), so I find myself gravitating towards brands I can actually afford. A lot of these affordable brands either have or are coming out with RWD platforms. Scion has the FR-S, Hyundai has the Genesis, Mazda still has the Miata and so on and so forth. So, where does Honda come in? Well, with the above EV-STER of course!

What would I like more than the EV-STER? Taking a platform like the 2013 Accord and creating a RWD platform for it makes sense. It’s longer, it’s sporty, and you have the option for a 2.4L 4-Cylinder or 3.5L V6. The 2.4L with 6 speed manual transmission starts at $23,350 and the 3.5L V6 starts at $31,350. While the V6 isn’t what I would call cheap, the chassis itself would have a ton of potential to be competitive. Is there a demand though? Can people look past the normal Honda owner connotation (We’re talking 95′ Civics here, not 2013 Accord owners) and take Honda seriously? I think it’s totally possible, and, I hope there’s enough interest that Honda decided to throw their hat into the ring.

On a total side note; the 2013 Accord Sedan is AWESOME looking. Delete that rear spoiler and it’s just beautiful! I totally applaud Honda for this styling direction.

Of all the cars/trucks/vans I saw at the show I was absolutely enamored with the 2014 Ford Transit. It looks more Japanese inspired than a lot of Japanese cars out currently.

The long wheelbase version is so cool looking, and it seats 7. I would LOVE to build one of these, there’s really just something about it that’s so cool. Oh, and it will have options for an NA 2.5-liter and an Ecoboost 1.6L turbo! Ecoboost please!

If you’re wondering if that’s all I saw of the LA Auto show, that really was about it. I saw many many other platforms but nothing that sparked my interest so it was time to head over to the Recaro Party!

I took a walk around to see what was around and came across the Hoonigan RWB Porsche and the Tanner Foust Edition Ford Focus!

The TFEFF (Tanner Foust Edition Ford Focus, that’s far from an official name) is actually quite good looking, it’s styled really nicely and has so many nice and subtle details that I wouldn’t mind having it in my garage!

Bucky Lasek’s Subaru was lurking in the corner. Such a rad car/dude!

I spotted an Emergency Hooker while I was there too! Always great to see and catchup with Mr. Reyes while I can.

This is what is left of Jeremy Foley’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution after tumbling down Pikes Peak; this just shows how important safety equipment is as the driver and co-driver both survived.

This will round out our coverage, and, I will leave it with this shot of this beautiful mint Hyundai Veloster, it’s so well thought out and sits absolutely perfect. Another big thank you to Recaro for having us out!

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Event Dopeness >>> LA Auto Show + Recaro Party!

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