This past weekend was the second annual No Coast Bash in Albuquerque, NM. The event was held at Napa Speedway, aka Sandia Motor Speedway, whose track is managed by none other than Jim Guthrie. The event also welcomed guest judges Matt Field, Justin Pawlak, and Axel Mack.

The first day was dedicated to practice so that everyone could familiarize themselves with the track and get into the swing of things. The nicest part about this track was that drivers could also run part of the road course beyond the oval for practice or play around on the designated skid pad while waiting for their group to be called, leaving plenty of opportunity for practice.

Kasey Kohl of Triple Crown Drift getting a few practice runs in during the day. TCD members Kohl, Kasey King, and Frank Cundari have dedicated a lot of time and money this year to participate in multiple events from ProAm to XDC to organizing events in Colorado.

Jeremy Norris of Drift Colorado was, and usually is, the only convertible out on track. Stay tuned for news on their upcoming event, September 30th!

These two were my favorite cars on track over the weekend. The thought of a Legends car drifting never crossed my mind before but here’s proof that it’s possible! Though they can’t get as much angle, they certainly were drifting and with a decent amount of practice in, were doing pretty well.

The second day had a bit of a slow start, delaying the schedule for the day but nevertheless, the show went on. The drivers were given a couple of hours for practice before a driver’s meeting and finally the start of the competition. The drivers were broken into smaller groups for qualifying and given a total of three runs each for a chance to earn a score good enough to continue on to the top 16.

Drift Colorado’s Brandon Hack was able to move on to the top 16 but was eventually knocked out by one of Albuquerque’s local favorites, Bubba Price.

Here’s Bubba Price repping a duck face on the side of his car. Bubba was fast and consistent all weekend.

Vince Herrera, was also looking strong in competition but was ultimately knocked out by Sean Guthrie.

Wesley Moya of Colorado was throwing down on his runs, which earned him the Insane Entry Award.

One of the most memorable runs of the night was the tandem battle between Jim Guthrie and Bubba Price for second place. Both are strong drivers, but both continued to make mistakes in their runs, requiring multiple “one more times.” Between the numerous runs and change of tires, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a battle last that long. In their last run, Bubba made one too many mistakes and spun, giving Jim the win.

Just a few brief notes from their battle.

Here is your 2012 No Coast Bash winner, Brandon Wicknick, of Team D-Spare! Brandon recently earned his FD license this year and it’s clear to see that his driving is well deserving of it. In second place was Jim Guthrie in his Ford Mustang, yes, the same exact Mustang he had out at ProAm in Vegas last month. In third, was Bubba Price of Albuquerque, NM. Congratulations everyone!

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