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Florida Dopeness >>> Florida Doesn’t Sleep During the Winter

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While those in the Great White North have kept their toys locked away inside, I have been out and about around Florida enjoying the best weather of the year. With not even an ounce of snow touching the ground, there is no such thing as an off-season in the tropical south.

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My year started off without a drift car in sight. Instead, I found myself traveling north to Daytona for the Rolex 24 At Daytona. While most photographers travel to races for the cars and action on track, I ended up on pit lane with NOS Energy Drink and theirĀ entourage of modeling ladies.

While my time on track was quite limited, I found myself hurrying around the pits keeping our sponsors happy with NOS and photo opportunities. Once the sun set and our crew had left, I turned off the camera and finally spent some time actually watching a race. Who knew that a photographer could actually watch a race in peace?

The big factor to when and where I go out for the beginning of the year is this little guy. My fourth year as a Mechanical Engineering student comes with a senior design project. I chose the most involved project of course, by becoming lead of design for our chassis. Formula SAE is a competition to design, build, and compete with an open wheel racecar against other colleges, a project that takes quite a bit of time, especially on our small budget. With the big competition occurring at the beginning of May, I’ll share with you a post documenting our progress right up to our cars unveiling. real online keno

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The handful of photos I have been sharing with you all as of late are a part of a side project with OMGDrift, Sway Gear and WE Drift. With these three forces combined, we are filming a fun, smoke-filled documentary showing the fun and shenanigans the small group from Melbourne, Florida are always up to.

With the expenses associated with traveling to and from events turning off this small group, they have discovered small street spots tucked away from the public’s eyes where they can practice sliding and have a good time without cleaning out their wallets. Since they have started to get a bad rap for being all form and no function, they called on Sway Gear and myself to help show the drift community what they are all about.

While I continue to meet with them in my free time, the video will continue to grow until we are all ready to share with you what our small town has kept hidden for quite some time. virtual money games

While I am quite sad that I won’t be out shooting events and traveling as much I did last year, I am excited for where this year is already taking me. With my circle of friends growing, and my racecar project quickly approaching its reveal date, there’s no telling where I will be once the summer begins.

I might be disappearing for the time being, but next time you all hear from me, I will have some surprises up my sleeve for all of you!

Brice Burkhardt

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  1. April 8, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    love this groups cars. looking forward to a video coming out

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Florida Dopeness >>> Florida Doesn’t Sleep During the Winter