Formula Dopeness >>> Bohan vs. Jersey

It’s rough living on the West Coast and doing East Coast events two weekends apart, especially for teams that need to fix their cars! The attendance list for New Jersey was short partly because of that, and partly because other events interfered. Rhys Millen and Sam Hübinette were two big names that were conspicuously missing. In fact, the field was so small that with the number of cars that were crashed or otherwise broken, the Round of 32 was really the Round of 31.

First of all, Canadians can’t bunny hop.

Now that that’s out of the way, who likes Joon Maeng? That’s right, everyone likes Joon Maeng.

He’s the nicest guy in the world, and drives one of the best looking cars in Formula DRIFT. It’s not even fancy or anything, just clean and proper.

Frank Siharath was one of many Garage Boso guys hanging out inside stacks of RT-615’s. Who knows why?

Frank told me all of Boso’s power and strength comes from this pineapple.

It seems to be working.

This was the first time I’ve seen Chris Forsberg’s Jack Russel Terrier Caesar. Maybe he’s where Chris gets his power and strength.

Or maybe it’s his tattoos.

Whatever it is, it’s working too. I loved shooting at Wall Stadium. The lighting is fantastic near sunset, and you can see the whole track from almost every position.

It’s like they called up the photographers and asked them how to make a track.

Justin Shreeve liked it so much he did handstands whenever he could. Joe Ayala usually does handstands with him but he was busy being famous because of his and Larry Chen’s STUCK video.

Quite a few drivers hit the wall on the bank. The lucky ones hit early so they had time to make repairs. Luke Lonberger crashed during Thursday practice so he had time to get new suspension parts overnighted from LG Motorsports in Texas.

At the time of the crash, they were unsure if it would be fixable. The frame got twisted a little bit and the wheel got…somethinged. I don’t even know what you call that. It looks like the edge of an oyster.

Did I mention the lighting around sunset? Fredric Aasbø’s car looked extra sexy with all the backlit smoke rising from the bowl.

[Insert Lonely Island song here]

You guys heard about the storm, right? Just as the post-qualifying drivers meeting was getting under way, a brutal storm rolled in. Thunder and lightning had all the girls screaming and the sideways rain had all the media guys shielding their gear. The tent covering the Need for Speed Electro Lounge flipped over and got hung up on the power lines, and the tents covering Aasbø’s and Matt Powers’s cars collapsed. The storm was gone and the sun was back out within five minutes. It rained hard enough to leave standing water on a slight slope. That’s nuts! Luckily FD was nice enough to replace the TV’s and Xboxes that got ruined.

Umm, I was busy shooting video during the competition, so watch Conrad’s video. He wins in this one!

Conrad gets his power and strength from his sideburns.


  1. Loved every moment of it!

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