Drift Alliance threw a party in Long Beach to show off their new cars for this season, so we had to stop by and take a look. More photos after the jump!

The Pike is a small, motorsports-themed bar right outside downtown Long Beach. Chris Reece, the drummer for Social Distortion from 1988-1993, is the owner, and has made it a haven for motorsport lovers.

This Trueno AE86 was sitting across the street, and it looked great on those mesh wheels.

All four original Drift Alliance members were in attendance with their cars…

Chris Forsberg and his NOS Energy Drink 370z, with its new matte and glossy design…

Ryan Tuerck and his 2JZ-powered Retaks/Maxxis Tire GT-86

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Monster Energy/Nitto Tire Ford RTR Mustang

And Tony Angelo’s U.S. Air Force/Hoonigan FR-S.

Ryan Tuerck was keeping his car clean all night, but he should have had the night off…It was his birthday! If you see him this weekend, make sure you wish him a belated birthday!

The Fifteen 52 Tarmac’s look great on this car, and are definitely eye-catching…

See? Check out dat ass.

Vaughn’s new livery really pops under the florescent lights…What do you think about his new design?

Tony Angelo’s new FR-S looks so aggressive, which is probably due to the fact that it is modeled after a P-51 fighter plane from WWII.

Overall, it was a fun time and it was great to catch up with everyone after the long offseason.

We’ll have some exclusive content for you tomorrow that you won’t want to miss, so keep checking back!

-Mike G.