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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle is upon us…


What did you do today? I went to my first ever Formula D event in Seattle. I say event, but today was really a practice day. I just wouldn’t know it. These guys were going harder than anyone I’ve seen in the UK.

Make the jump for all the storied from Thursday, as well as the perspective of a tea drinking, queen loving Brit!

I’m just kidding about the queen loving part. If there’s anything in the world I love, it’s the sounds, smells and sights of drifting. And today took that to a whole new level for me.

OMGDrift driver and blogger Odi Bakchis was going hard all day in the Nexen Tire/M7 Racing S14. I love his car.

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What’s even better? He’s a really nice guy in person. As is everyone I’ve met in the paddock today. The drift community is super friendly!

One of OMGDrift’s other drivers, Kyle Mohan, was running well all day, and also made some interesting modifications to his Nexen Tire RX8.

Because he’s rad, and likes to run the wall, he’s ditched the big wing and opted for some smaller aerodynamics. And he’s added a bash bar. But that’s not all…

He has pyrotechnics. You read that right. When his car rubs the outer wall at Evergreen Speedway, his car is going to light up like the 4th of July!

Chelsea Denofa is now in Joon Maeng’s RX8. And he looks surprisingly comfortable for having so little seat time. I’m curious to see how he manages in qualifying tomorrow. real money bingo app ipad

Unfortunately Joon couldn’t build his car in time, but we’re assure that he’ll be back in top shape in Vegas. We’re all rooting for him here at OMGDrift and we know that he’ll come back kicking ass!

Seeing Dai Yoshihara drive in person is such a wonderful experience. I can now cross off another thing on my ‘things to see before I die’ list. I’m so excited to see him run in qualifying tomorrow.

Shooting here is a pretty daunting experience for an FD newbie. The second corner has the drivers almost hitting the barriers we stand behind. I’m not used to these speeds! The lengths we go to get great photos…

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This track seems to make for a ton of three wheeled moments. Tyler McQuarrie seemed to be the one doing it most. I think he really has a shot at pole position tomorrow.

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The Camaro’s here seem to run the section well. Conrad Grunewald was consistent all day.

I absolutely love the layout of this place. Once it gets to about 7pm, and the sun is nice and low, it makes for some stunning photographs.

You can never have enough lens flare, right?

A new hobby for me might just be watching the cars line up at the grid, waiting to run the course. The tension, even on a practice day, is palpable.

There were a few victims at the track today too. Daigo Saito limped back to the grid in what looked to be a very broken Lexus.

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Corey Hosford in the K-Sport 350z also had a rough time, and is dealing with some differential and driveshaft issues. Hopefully it’ll be sorted by the morning so he can go all out in qualifying! top online us casinos

My ears are still ringing as I write this now, and I know for sure it’s only going to get worse over the next two days. The worst part of it all? The idea of that seriously excites me!

Check back tomorrow for all the qualifying action!


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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle is upon us…

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