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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle Qualifying

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Qualifying is over, the cars are gearing up for a the final day of Formula Drift here in Monroe, make the jump for all the action from yesterday!

We woke up early Friday morning to a torrential downpour. What would Seattle be without rain?

It made for quite a reserved practice session, with no driver really wanting to push too hard in case they met the wall before qualifying.

Except Daigo Saito. He went as hard as possible on every practice run he took. He often went completely off track just to maintain his speed! He took 22nd in qualifying – much lower than usual.

During qualifying, it was easy to see that many of the drivers were struggling with the course, regardless of rookie or veteran status. As qualifying progressed, it was surprising to hear how many of the top drivers were receiving low scores and full on zeroes.

Formula Drift’s 2011 Champion, Daijiro Yoshihara and rookie Daigo Saito both received zeroes in their first runs.

Tyler McQuarrie spent all of yesterday nailing down consistent runs. But for some reason everything changed in qualifying. He failed to make the Top 32.

Vaugh Gittin Jr took the top spot in qualifying. He was on top form all day. The battles today are going to be incredibly intense.

Justin Pawlak was close behind JR. As current points leader JTP has a lot at stake here at Evergreen Speedway. Can he keep his cool in the battles today? virtual money games

Toshiki Yoshioka took a surprise third place in qualifying, but I’m certainly not complaining. I love his style, and I’m super excited to see how he’ll fare today.

Another surprise high up on the list was Pat Mordaunt, who completely missed practice on Thursday. Clearly having no problems here though, taking the fourth spot. states allowing online gambling

Now, Team OMGDrift had a mixed day. Kyle Mohan had mechanical issues on Thursday night which couldn’t be rectified in time, leaving him out of the Top 32. Such a shame! I was looking forward to seeing the sparklers on the back go off when he ran the wall.

Our very own Odi Bakchis took 17th spot in qualifying. I’ll let him speak for himself in the upcoming driver blog, but from my personal opinion he’s been looking really strong all weekend. I think he has a shot at the very top this weekend.

Matt Field also. He’s sitting very comfortable in 13th position.

┬áJeremy Lowe rounds out the OMGDrift trio with 31st spot. He’s up against JTP in the Top 32. A daunting prospect but all of us at OMGDrift are right behind him!

Here are the final results from yesterday:

1. V. Gittin Jr
2. J. Pawlak
3. T. Yoshioka
4. P. Mordaunt
5. C. Forsberg
6. C. Grunewald
7. F. Aasbo
8. W. Wilkerson
9. M. Powers
10. R. Kado
11. D. McNamara
12. D. Yoshihara
13. M. Field
14. K. Gushi
15. R. Tuerck
16. M. Essa
17. O. Bakchis
18. R. Nishida
19. K. Moen
20. T. Aono
21. D. Mertzanis
22. D. Saito
23. A. Lee
24. K. Pollard
25. C. Denofa
26. P. Goodin
27. T. Brakohiapa
28. R. Millen
29. J. Castro
30. T. Angelo
31. J. Lowe
32. M. Ovcharik

As we close down the qualifying posts, we’ll leave you with a thought. It’s not just the drivers who work hard, the models do too; and wearing heels can be painful.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle Qualifying