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General Dopeness >>> A Day with DTA!

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I met up with Johan “Yo” Esbensen of DTA at his home in Venice to document the beginning of a new chapter for DTA, story after the jump!

Yo started off by showing my the backyard, starting with the 1200HP 2JZ powered xB! Always been a favorite of mine, as the 2JZ is easily my favorite motorset in the world and this xB has so much feeling to it, a lot of cars get built and they have a meticulous almost cold feeling. Not here, not here at all.

In front of the treehouse and the all too famous mini ramp is the beer box bonfire. It’s not just the xB that has an awesome vibe to it; Yo lives the way he wants and is true to what he wants to do. It’s rare to find that these days.

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The rain kept the DTA crew on premises from shredding that day, and if you’re wondering if it’s that mini-ramp, it is.

So why was I hanging with Yo? He’s decided that it was time for change and to move from his current storefront in Venice to DT Automotive. He’s always been into cars, and, he wants to finally have the two passions join forces so this move just makes sense.

He jumped into the office to show the guys what Rob at The Hundreds had written about the move, check that article out here.

At this point, it was time to go give his final goodbye to the old storefront.

I’ve been coming to this storefront for at least 4 years now, at least. Before I was in drifting, and I just loved the gunshow print. It was a weird feeling, knowing that this was the last time Yo would be unlocking this door after being there for so many years. real time gaming casino list

It was REALLY weird to see the space empty as he did his final walkthrough with the landlord. I’m used to walking in and Jeff being behind the counter; shirts, sweaters, and hoodies all hung up and leaving with a stack of slaps and a new shirt. This time it was bare, but it’s such a cool space so it was interesting to see it in this light.

The small door upstairs led to a very private patio.

To the right of Yo is a hand crank wheelchair ramp, something I pointed out was a great idea and he said that he’s heard that a lot but it’s just second nature to him. He went on to tell me one of his homies is in a wheelchair and he’s just looking out for his homies, doesn’t look at all past that.

The space has all of these cool details, one of the bigger details I love is the windows looking out to the rest of the space. I can’t wait to see what Yo comes up with for the new space, he told me some basic details but I’ll save it for the feature on the new space once it’s done!

This was the final lockup on the space, this was one of the more somber moments for me. I honestly can’t wait for the new spot to be open,. Outlaw automotive, it all makes sense.

I’d just like to thank Yo for having me out for the day and showing me around, I can’t wait to see what he does next and I know he’ll be successful in it. He’s one of the few people I know who has real passion for what he does, so I have no worries that this new spot and concept is going to skyrocket DTA even further than it already is.

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General Dopeness >>> A Day with DTA!

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