Happy Birthday Dopeness >>> Leann McGlasson

Our resident Colorado author Leann McGlasson is the face of sheer talent, and epic writing. Today also happens to be her birthday. We at OMGDrift.com pride ourselves on having a team of professionals to cover all forms of drifting dopeness.

Yep, OMGDrift employs only the most professional photographers in the world.

Happy Birthday Leann. Welcome to the crew!


  1. amazingly awesome fridge moment…

  2. hahaha Happy Birthday LAN
    those pictures rock .

    GO TEAM!

  3. Happy Birthday Leann – have a good one!

  4. Happy birthday, Leann!!!

    Good job being awesome!!!! <3

  5. Hmm, someone’s been stealing my Facebook pictures…lol. Thanks guys!

  6. Yeah! Birthday… you… Happy…

  7. Happy Birthday LANNN!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. happy biiiiiiiiiirthdayyyyyyyyy

  10. Happy Birthday, Leann!

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