Hardparked Dopeness : for the nights are hot, and full of imports

Robert Robinson

When Hot Import Nights announced they’d be returning for a world tour to celebrate their 21 year anniversary, and that one of the first events that they’d be kicking the tour off with was a stop in the mile high city, I knew I had to check it out.

Hot Import Nights is a name I grew up reading about in magazines, during the boom of the sport compact scene in the late nineties & early two-thousands. It was at the pinnacle of all things JDM, drift, and street racing alongside NOPI and the Fast & Furious franchise. i never had the opportunity however, to experience one of these events for myself growing up. By the time I had a set of wheels that would get me outside of my area code without breaking down, I was more interested in going to the track than seeing a bunch of cars sitting in a convention hall.

When HIN announced their return with a stop at the Denver Merchandise Mart, my first thought was, “well that seems like an awfully small venue.” Sure enough, the interior hall was only half of the event as the cars spilled out into the adjacent parking lot. This wouldn’t have been all bad, had the event not taken place on one of Denver’s notoriously cold & windy March evenings. ~lousy smarch weather~ Add this to a long line of pre-ordered attendees stuck out in the cold partially due to an issue by the local fire marshal, and you end up with an event that had numerous patrons deciding to leave before ever setting foot inside of the show.

So needless to say, this wasn’t quite the triumphant return to the show scene that anyone had expected or hoped for, but HIN has this weekend announced that they will be hosting what will essentially be a make-up event on September 15th to be held at a much larger and all indoor venue. Hopefully with the new venue, and another 13 stops on their tour under their belt, they will have had the kinks thoroughly ironed out. Additionally, they’ve stated that for those who had purchased their tickets for this event but decided not to attend, their tickets will still be valid for September’s show. In any case, there were still some cool cars, teams and shops that showed up this time around and hopefully I’ll get to highlight some of them for you in the not too distant future.

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Hardparked Dopeness : for the nights are hot, and full of imports