Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Blu808 Corvette Build Ep. 5

Here it is finally!


  1. the dude that was doing the electrical work just said what the rest of the world is thinking.

    v8’s are ruaining drifting. lol

  2. Keep up the great work on the videos and the car!

  3. Hi from Finland!

    Nice build!

    Where can I buy that gauge bezel? Got myself AIM Sport MXL Strada few weeks ago. Thanks!

  4. The bezel came with the cluster. maybe you can get one from aim sports.

  5. Great build, im excited about episode 6 to hit, iv been waiting a while, as im sure many others have been. I dont think V8s are killing drifting, I think it is great to see V8s V6s I6s and any other form of motor all competing on the same field.

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