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Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Lee’s Grape Drink S14


I originally planned on shooting Lee’s S13, but some inattentive Raiders fan in a big ass truck ran over it in a parking lot while Lee was getting some chicken curry katsu! Her excuse? “I couldn’t see your car because it was too small.”
Give me a break!

Luckily Lee has a matching S14! The car might not strike you as awesome at first, but upon closer inspection you’ll see the details. It started out as a 4-lug automatic, but the car is now 5-speed and rolling on a set of Enkei RPF1’s that Lee specially ordered in white. Its 4×4 stance is due to the Stance GR+ coilovers adjusted to a daily driver height. Lee slows down for speed bumps with brand new Z-brakes fitted with Project Mu pads. The KA24 is all stock (but not for long) and breathes out through a Circuit Sports 3″ catback exhaust. states allowing online gambling

In the looks department, Lee picked up a Version:Select copy from a local vendor, and had it painted that awesome factory 95-only purple. He also threw on a D-Max roof spoiler and corner lights and Circuit Sports clear headlight lenses.

Lee is also one of the coolest guys I know. He’s in the Air Force, stationed at Travis AFB, and he gets to go on secret 4-month long missions all over the world. Sometimes he goes to Germany and gets to drink awesome beer, but sometimes he has to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. He’s part of a cargo plane crew bringing supplies to the Army or something. I don’t know for sure because it’s a secret.

Because of his crazy schedule, he doesn’t get to go to as many drift events as he’d like. But when he does come out, it’s always great to have him.

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I met up with Lee at Blu808’s BluBQ2 a few weeks ago, and we snuck out for a bit to take some pics and do a short interview!

AB: Are you going to be able to make it to ThunderDrift Round 4?
Lee: Nope, that’s the day I’m getting discharged from the Air Force!
AB: What are you going to do after you get out?
Lee: I hope nothing.
AB: Sit by the pool, drink a margarita, and read about yourself on OMGDrift?
Lee: Yea that’s on the list!

I bet you didn’t think the interview would be THAT short huh!?

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Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Lee’s Grape Drink S14