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Hella Norcal Driver Profile >>> Matt Field Is A Big Wing Boss!



Check out our newest Driver Profile brought to you by our boy Ross Fairfield! I did the pictures, and Ross did what is quite possibly one of our most entertaining interviews yet!


Ross Fairfield: Mr. Matt Field, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

Matt Field: Yeah Sweet.

RF: You made Top 16 at Irwindale, that’s pretty friggin exciting for you dude! How did it feel to play with the big boys finally?

MF: It was freaking awesome you know, it was almost hard too believe when it first happened you know? It’s one of those things you know, it’s hard to comprehend when it first happens you know, and once it did it was like alright now I gotta focus for the next round you know. It was tough to overcome the excitement and stay focused on the task at hand you know.

RF: How was it facing off against Dai Yoshihara?

MF: *Laughing* It was pretty cool and pretty funny at the same time, I was actually trying to psych him out a little bit you know, kinda get into his head and obviously it worked but, we were sitting on the line and he looked over at me and I gave him a thumbs up and waved and all that funniness and then I put my hand across my throat like “You’re dead” and then afterward I was talking with him and he was messing around like “Yeah yeah why were you messing with me like that blah blah you got inside my head “haha” I just tried to mess with him as much as possible and school him up I guess.*Laughing*It was sick


RF: So uhh, why did you decide to jump and stomp on your hood during Top 16 driver introductions?

MF: For me it was like why not? You know? Everyone else kinda stands next to their car and waves with their pretty girl, I don’t have a pretty girl next to me, I don’t have an umbrella girl, and I don’t have a NOS girl or Falken girl, so I was like you know what, I gotta do something out of the ordinary and my car was f—-ed up, its been f—ed up and I just didn’t care sooooo haha it was fun” whales of cash slot machine game

RF: So is that a call out for some team to get you a pretty girl to stand next to you?

MF: *Laughing* Haha I would not mind…at all. I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into it, she’s hot enough but she’s not down with that sometimes,

RF: We might need to make that happen I think!

MF: I know I know we might need to talk to her about that.

RF: I think we need to get her into a Matt Field special uniform and an umbrella with your face on it!

MF: And some neon and purple! Neon and purple bikini baby!!!




RF: So now that we’re talking about the neon green and purple, where did that Van Halen scheme come from anyway?

MF: The Van Halen thing came from, well, cause my car was real plain I just painted it put the kit on, did the wheel color and all that stuff and I brought in my designer who does all my design stuff like Hero Cards and all that and he was like “What do ya want?” And I was like “Honestly I have probably the worst taste in designing stuff like that, so just make something up”. He went and Photoshopped a bunch of stuff up and he showed me this and that and when he came up with the Van Halen scheme I was like “That’s pretty sweet lets do that” and he went for it and I think it came out pretty good.

RF: We definitely have to agree with you on that one.

MF: Hahaha it was good! This year next year is going to something way more exciting.

RF: OH is it now?! So you’re changing it up?

MF: I gotta build a whole new car! That car is toast!


RF: So what are your plans for 2011 then?

MF: Hopefully an S14. I pretty much got a shell and I want to do the opposite of what my current color scheme is. You’re just going to have to wait and see what I got planned but its going to be pretty awesome virtual casino bonus codes

RF: Do you have any other plans for next year? Anything in the works like sponsors and such?

MF: Trying, haha. Me and my vinyl guy Danny, he’s working on my proposal so we are going to try and get my proposal out to anybody who is willing to accept it and see what I can get. I shot over an email to Maxxis to see if I can get any support for next year. The tire sponsor is the biggest thing in this sport. Once you got that on lock hopefully everything else will fall into place.

RF: For sure for sure. So how do you feel you did in the events that you made it to?

MF: I honestly feel like I did pretty crappy, I’m really hard on myself in that aspect but honestly I’m just psyched that I qualified In the events that I did and then that top 16 at Irwindale. That was a big ego booster and a big push, it was tough the whole year, I pushed through the best I could especially with the lack of power at the beginning of the year and then towards the end of the year when I had more power things started to come through a little bit better.



RF: So this question shows up in every interview since the history of forever. real online keno

MF: Oh here we go

RF: Yup here we go. How did you get into drifting in the first place?

MF: Initial D man! Haha no just kidding, definitely not. You know one of my buddies who was older than me since I was in high school came by to borrow a helmet from me since I would always do offroad racing with my dad. And I was like sure, why do you need a helmet? And he was like oh for this drift event and he kind of told me what drifting was and I was like oh that’s cool, whatever. And once I got my drivers license I got more into it and had only seen him drift like once or twice and was like you know, this is pretty interesting, this stuff is pretty sick. So I saved up and bought myself a 300zx which didn’t drift for s—. And then sold it and was like OK I gotta grow up and get a real drift car. And since then, match made in heaven I guess


RF: So at every single event we see you at your always smiling, why are you so damn happy?

MF: *Laughter* I don’t know man, I just love being out there. I have always felt that you know I wanted to compete in drifting, some people want to drift for fun and that’s awesome I wish I could do that, I just have too much of a competitive drive. And at every event I’m just psyched that I’m at an event where people want my autograph and want to watch me drive instead of people that have to watch me drive cause I’m the only car on the track drifting just for fun. The atmosphere is exciting the crowd the fans, the big names the big budget guys and I’m just excited that I’m out there with my little car. That is true though haha that’s funny I never realized that.

RF: Alright! We are on the last question which is actually a 3 part question.

MF: Wow…that’s too many parts for me, I can’t focus that long. Hahaha!

RF: Haha well obviously you’re from Nor Cal, because of that we gotta bring in the Nor Cal questions!

MF: Uh oh.. OK!

RF: First one! Do you say “Hella” a lot?

MF: *Laughter* I try to say Hella as much as humanly possible! I will say Hella in every sentence if I can, even more so when I go to SoCal just to rub it in your guy’s face! Haha just because!

RF: Haha so because of where your from, did you find it absolutely necessary to represent Nor Cal on your car?

MF: Oh of course of course! Cause in the history of drifting, every drifter if they didn’t come from japan, are from SoCal. So that’s just kind of what it is. There are the most cars, the most competitions, the most everything in SoCal. And for the longest time I always felt that the SoCal guys were the best drifters and this and that. And when I went down there I was like I gotta show SoCal that its not just all about SoCal. So I had to represent my little section of Cali!


RF: And what happened to your big wing?

MF: Haha S—‘s too big! Too God Damn big! At events with banks like Irwindale or Washington, it’s just too much drag, it’s so big that in Washington it was the difference between 3rd gear with the wing on, and once we took the wing off, I was in 4th gear. Its so big and so heavy it was just holding me back. But for events like Vegas, where its just a quick entry then slower everywhere else it kind of helped me, just because the weight back there and a tiny bit of downforce, as much downforce as drift cars actually have, but I can’t use it all the time cause its too damn big!

RF: Alright Matt, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us!

MF: For sure any time, Thanks OMGDRIFT! Also thank you to my sponsors Fatlace, Blacktrax, Vex Motorsports, Sokodu Designs, Wicked Tuning and of course my mom and dad!

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  1. November 1, 2010 at 6:31 am

    Matt: it’s like yknow..and yknow..that’s because you know? haha

    pretty cool interview drew! slot online

  2. November 1, 2010 at 6:31 am

    O shoot i just realized ross did the interview. bahaha. sorry guys.

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    real money bingo app ipad
  3. November 1, 2010 at 6:50 am

    Excellent interview Ross – nice questions and fun answers 😉

    Love those sunglasses Matt!

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  4. November 1, 2010 at 9:43 am


    Awesome though, Matt is one of my favorite drifters… especially because he’s from norcal. Keep rockin it Matt!

    ps – I bought him those glasses in a gas station! 😛

    top online us casinos
  5. ross
    November 1, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    lol. yea. matt said yknow alot, and i just copied what he said off the tape and onto the page lol.

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Hella Norcal Driver Profile >>> Matt Field Is A Big Wing Boss!

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