Irish Drift Dopeness >>> Rosebowl Cup

Martin Cunningham

Saturday, October 13th 2012, a date which will live in infamy, saw drifting return to the hallowed ground of Rosegreen and the Tipperary Motor Speedway. While not a fully fledged return to what we were used to, it was still a great feeling to be back there.

Due to the legal issue drifting as we know it is not allowed there. The loop hole that has allowed drifting to return in its current form is a simple one. It has to be racing with a clearly defined start point, finish point, winner and loser. The event was timed. There were 3 classes, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and four wheel drive. Rear wheel drive had to race sideways.

Now that I’ve explained a little on how the event worked I’ll shut up and stick up a few images.

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Irish Drift Dopeness >>> Rosebowl Cup