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Irish ProDrift Dopeness >>> Japfest Mondello Round 5

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Here it is finally. Prodrift Round 5 2011, Japfest. We’d all been hearing the stories of a US invasion but we all guessed it wouldn’t happen. When we saw the official driver entry list we were all pretty happy around these parts. We had Dai Yoshihara, Fredric Aasbø and D Mac all coming over from Formula D. D Mac was breaking out his new N3 AE86, Aasbø was bringing his Supra and Dai was jumping into the MG Crash Repair SR Altezza (IS300 for all ye state siders). Not to mention the UK guys coming over. We had Team Falken, Matt Carter and Paul Cheshire. And Team Japspeed Steve Baggsy Biagioni and Shane O’Sullivan.
And to finish it off there was a nice little show and shine going on.

Check out how full the paddock was!

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After a terrible start to the year Damien Shortt was out in Shelly, his new AE86. Hopefully I’ll be doing a feature on this soon. The car is unreal, the quality of work, the spec. Enough on that for now though, just have a look and see what ye think!

While out taking shots there are 2 main spots in Mondello. On the outside of the track or along the barrier in the centre of the track. The risk with the centre is that you can get hit.

Enough taking for now. Just take a look at some pretty pictures.

Some of ye may remember this car. It was stolen a few months back and recovered minus a few parts. Here it is with a little warning on the back.

And here it is in full swing.

Something nice to look at. Roisin, Dai and the Altezza. I’ll leave it up you as to what/who you think looks best.

For a bit of twinning action.
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In the final between James Deane and D Mac on the first run Darren clipped a high kerb and split the sump. The result was a huge flame and Darren not being able to compete. James Deane wins! I was speaking to Darren after this and he said that aside from the sump there was no damage as he shut it down straight away.

Finally I have to give a huge shout out to the Prodrift 2011 champion Alan Sinnott.

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Irish ProDrift Dopeness >>> Japfest Mondello Round 5