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Irish Prodrift Dopeness >>> Japfest Round 5

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The last round of Prodrift ran last weekend. We had some big names over for this round. Dean Kearney, Darren McNamara, Fredric Aasbø and Dai Yoshihara.

Friday was a practice day but due to my day job (boo!!!!) I couldn’t make it. Saturday was amateur and semi pro day with a little pro practice thrown in for good measure. Weather wise Saturday was really good. Sunday, not so much but the rain held off for long enough to not have much impact on the event.

First off a little eye candy from the Saturday competition. This first one would be OMG blogger Mike Fitz. Due to a run of bad luck for Mike he hasn’t had the best year. We’ll have a blog from him in the coming weeks and I’ll get him to explain a little more on this.

Next up we have Jack Shanahan. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Watch this space! Remember when looking at these photos Jack is only 13. And only just 13 at that.

Next up we had some pro practice. James Deane was running well as always.

Shane O’Sullivan was destroying some Maxxis tires again.

We also had the return of a Prodrift legend, Declan Munnelly. I love this car so much. For those that don’t know, its a Ford Escort mk2 running an Opel C20XE. Epic car! Epic sound!

Next up we have a few of the Formula D drivers. DMmc with the Dmac86. us online casinos mac

Fredric Aasbo with Chris Brady. 86 on 86!

Although you can’t really tell, the black s14 is Dean Kearney. This is a street car which is road legal here. Dean was pushing for proximity. This he got some?

Dai was driving the MG Crash Repair SXE10 Altezza. Last year this was running a sr20. This year that’s been swapped out for a 2jz.

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I’ve 2 last things to wrap up from Saturday. We have the amateur and semi pro championships. Amateur 2012 champion is Nicky Hallahan.

Adrian Walsh won the semi pro category. I love this car. If you would like to see a feature on this get to commenting!

On to Sunday. It started off with some practice, then some qualifying. Super lap followed on. Then some battles. All in all it was a great day. Thanks for reading…….. I’m only joking. Here’s some pretty pictures to look at. whales of cash slot machine game

Here’s James out for some practice.


Declan again. I really can’t get enough of this car. virtual uno card game online

Brian Egan, he finished runner up to Nicky in the amateur championship.

I’m just going with a few battles this time. James and Dai first. Dai took the win here and progressed to the Great 8.

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Freddie and Brendan. Brendan took this one.

Shane and Dean.

Wesley “Wez” Keating and Barry Leonard.

Gavin Lenihan came in a little hard.

Brendan and Duane Mckeever.

The final came down to Brendan and Dai. It was so close it went one more time.

We all waited to hear the call. Brendan takes the win. And the 2012 Prodrift Championship!

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Congratulations to all that competed in this round. Brendan taking the win, Dai taking second and a well deserved third place for Wez. real online keno

As this was he last ever round of Prodrift I’ll be following this post in the next week or so with some of my favourite all times Prodrift shots.

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Irish Prodrift Dopeness >>> Japfest Round 5