Meet the Staff: Caitlin Ting

Caitlin Ting

Hi! I’m Caitlin. You may remember me from OMGDrift 1.0, but if not, hey there! I’m pretty awful when it comes to talking about myself, so let’s go on this great adventure together, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!*

Growing up, I always had an interest in photography, but I never pursued it. I owned a couple low end digital  cameras and took photos of friends, family, and whatever else I liked, but my experience with photography only went that far. I loved history, so I think that my fascination with photos stemmed from that. In college, I studied History and earned a BA in it. I had every intention to get a Masters in Library Information Science and go on to do archival work, but that was not what I really wanted to do. It was one of those moments where you go to school, get a degree, wonder what you’re going to do with that degree, and try to do what you think your family wants you to do. While history was my passion, archival work wasn’t, and neither was teaching or law.

During this time, I was newly introduced to motorsports — well, drifting. I never really liked cars before, and certainly didn’t care about motorsports, but my new relationship with OMGDrift’s owner, Drew Fishbein, changed my perception. Okay, so I’m still not a huge fan of cars or motorsports and I’m not a self-proclaimed ‘car girl,’ but there’s something about drifting. And to me, there’s something about shooting drifting. I used to watch Drew go out on track and take photos, and I’d sit on the sidelines and eventually get bored, you know, being alone. About a year into our relationship, in early 2014, Drew decided he had had enough of me watching from the stands and took it upon himself to teach me how to shoot. I credit everything I know about photography to him to this day, he’s taught me so much. It turned out I wasn’t half bad, and thus, I found what I wanted to do.

Since then, I’ve shot most Formula Drift events from 2014 to present, done dozens of features, and shot at many grassroots events. I went on to do more photography in other fields and have really tried to shoot whatever I can. I love photography, and carrying a camera around has helped open up another world for me. I’m shy, like, really shy. But walking around events and shooting gives me something to talk to people about (or avoid talking, when the anxiety takes over – ha). And I always come back to drifting. I love shooting things in action, it’s so exciting, and there is nothing like capturing some crazy shot in motion.

Now that we’ve covered how I got into photography and drifting, what else is there? I love video games, my current obsession is Overwatch, but I do play a lot of other games too. I stream on Twitch sometimes, but it’s been a while. Like I said, I’m shy, so it’s hard for me to get into! I have a cat named Xerxes and if you think you don’t like cats, let me introduce you two! I’m addicted to coffee but I also love to drink tea. I go to Disney World literally every year and I love going to theme parks in general…I love rollercoasters, especially the fast ones. I’m definitely a night person, I stay up late even when I try not to, I’m obsessed with the moon, the stars, and sunsets. I don’t like Facebook but I’m on Instagram all the time and I have yet to get accustomed to Twitter. I like to be approached by other people at events and meet them, but I always look busy or like I’m in a bad mood (I’m not, please introduce yourself to me, I love meeting new people!!). Annnd…I  don’t know what else there is to me! I’m excited to have been part of the effort to bring OMGDrift back and can’t wait to share more content with you all!!


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Meet the Staff: Caitlin Ting