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Northwest Dopeness >>> Cars And Coffee In The Rose City


It’s the off-season, and aside from the ongoing drift events that happen at Pat’s Acres and beyond, there’s not much bustling around. However, car culture is very much alive in Oregon, and this weekend’s Cars and Coffee meet in Portland was certainly no exception. More after the jump!

My morning actually started off in Keizer. I rode along with a bunch of local Porsche 911 owners up to Portland for the meet. Even though spring is here, it’s usually not this nice this time of year in the Valley, which made for a gorgeous trip up North.

There were a few cars that had arrived already, like this Bimmer representing Rhom Innovations, one of many awesome businesses in the Northwest.

From the front…

…to the back

To everything in between, this 914/6 was one of my favorite cars. The amount of modification and attention to detail is mind-bogglingly insane.

The wing on this GT3RS is huge. Maybe not BCL huge, but huge nevertheless.

One thing I love about car meets like this is the variety. The contrast between the cars of today and cars of years past is fantastic. My knowledge on classic cars isn’t great, and I should learn more about them because they are simply gorgeous, like this Porsche 1600 Super.

Speaking of classic, we even had a pristine Rolls Royce Silver Dawn show up. Yes, I had to use Wikipedia to find out what it was.

There was even more diversity with this Acura NSX.

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Another one of my favorites from the show is this E30 M3. I don’t see these as often as the E36 M3, so this was a real treat.

Just how clean the engine bay was in the M3 seemed almost inhuman. You wouldn’t think it has ever been driven.

Even with the convoy of 911s I rode up with, there were even more 911s…

And even more 911s…

And even more 911s! Don’t think this was a bad thing, because it wasn’t. From Stuttgart with love.

If you’re the ex-Stig, then where’s the new Stig? us online casinos mac

Ah. It didn’t take long to find him. Intrigued, I wanted find out where he, who some say isn’t machine washable, was heading off to.

I wound up in a pit of snakes, although these snakes I wouldn’t mind being bit from.

I could’ve stood here drooling all day if I really wanted to, but that’s not why I was here. I was on a mission! Besides, it’s bad for the paint.

One of the cars that really wowed the crowd when it showed up was this Mach 1 Mustang. With its bright red paint, Sportsroof design…

And hood pins, what’s not to love?

Look at this intimidating flat black dragster, complete with Mooneyes decals. I assume the only reason the front end is so high up is because it has a wheelie bar and drag radials in the back. Call me crazy, but I love a good drag race, especially if there are wheelies involved. virtual casino bonus codes

I’ve never seen so many GTRs in one place. Then again, I don’t get out much.

Some of Bavaria’s finest also came out to socialize. The M5 is one of the best performance sedans out there.

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Gotta show respect to the forefathers that carried on that success.

No event coverage is complete without some engine close-ups. Can you guess what injection system this is, and what engine it’s installed on?

After a couple hours, it was time to disperse and go on our way. I think it’s safe to assume some of these cars made a trip to the coast, especially on such an unseasonably great day.

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I think this parting shot is a metaphor for ‘Cars and Coffee’; it’s as equally about cars as it is about people getting together, talking about cars and things besides.


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  1. March 10, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks for the Pix and Talk… makes me want to go to the next Cars and Coffee event. I live in the Portland / Salem metroplex and would love to see an event like this!

  2. March 15, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Awesome read! Rad cars, Ben.

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Northwest Dopeness >>> Cars And Coffee In The Rose City