Qualifying is over, and fan-favorite Forrest Wang came out on top with an absolutely killer run!

The results are below, along with hundreds of photos from Caitlin and Mike.

We also just put up a podcast, so search “OMGDrift” and give it a listen. We talked about our predictions for the weekend and for the year…And some of them are pretty crazy.




Even though there was no driving today, we decided to check out some of the sweet cars that were unloaded today that weren’t at Media Day earlier in the week.


After going through various engines and having nothing but reliability problems, Chris Hawkin decided to break out from the norm and join the JZ club, with a heavily modified Toyota 2jz gte now adorning his s13. If you’re wondering, that isn’t Chris in the photo, some guy just wanted to bust some moves. READ MORE . . .



With the first round of the 2015 season of Formula Drift right around the corner, we headed out to Long Beach for Media Day today! We had a ton of fun getting back into the swing of things and are looking forward to the upcoming season! Check out the gallery below and get amped for Formula Drift Long Beach! PLUS watch some in-car footage in Tanner Foust’s new Formula Drift Passat!

Kyle Mohan Final

Kyle Mohan Final

Kyle Mohan Racing Prepped and Ready for 2015 Formula Drift Assault

  • Mohan, a Formula Drift veteran, returns for 10th Formula Drift season
  • GT-Radial and Mazdatrix return as major supporters of Mohan’s Mazda RX-8

April 6, 2015 (Signal Hill, Calif.) – Kyle Mohan’s familiar Mazda RX-8 will sport a new look for the 2015 Formula Drift season – but there’s a lot more than meets the eye with Mohan’s car.

A winter’s worth of development has taken place under the skin, and the three-rotor car will line up for Formula Drift Long Beach leaner and meaner than it did in 2014. While Mazdatrix has been able to extract additional horsepower from the three-rotor engine, every other part of the car was updated or improved before being wrapped in a new design ahead of Tuesday’s Long Beach Grand Prix media day.

GT-Radial also returns as the title sponsor for Mohan’s Formula Drift program.

“Every winter, we know the competition is raising their game so we have to do the same,” said Mohan. “So we are thrilled to have the continued support of GT-Radial and Mazdatrix as we embark on another Formula Drift season. We demonstrated last year that that the GT-Radial Champiro SX2 has a ton of potential in Formula Drift and can compete against the other tire manufacturers in the series. They provide a huge amount of grip and smoke – although with the extra horsepower Mazdatrix found in our three-rotor engine, making smoke would never be an issue.”

At Formula Drift Long Beach in 2014, the first event for GT-Radial in Formula Drift, Mohan advanced to the top-16 in dramatic fashion – winning his top-32 battle while at the same time having a large crash which nearly ended his day.

“I am always excited to compete in Long Beach, although I would be really happy with a less dramatic event this year,” said Mohan. “I’ve had some of my best results and best battles here, but honestly it’s time that we went past the top-16. I know I have a team and a car capable of getting there, and now it is just up to me to put it all together.”

Qualifying for Formula Drift Long Beach will be held on Friday, April 10 at 1:00 PM PST. On Saturday, April 11 the top-32 competition will begin at 11:00 AM PST, and the top-16 competition will begin at 3:30 PM PST. All those sessions will be streamed live at FormulaD.com.

About Kyle Mohan Racing

Kyle Mohan competes in the Formula Drift Pro Championship in the no. 99 GT Radial / Mazdatrix Mazda RX-8 with support from GT Radial and Mazdatrix. More information can be found at www.kylemohanracing.com.

Contact: Efrain Olivares | 818.254.7196 | efrain@shiftgroup.net



We were out at Irwindale Speedway last Thursday for some more Thursday Night DRIFT action from Formula DRIFT. In anticipation for the first round of Formula DRIFT in Long Beach this week, several pro drivers were present as well. Check out our gallery below!



This is the second time in a row I’ve been to Pat’s Acres. I think I need to find a place that isn’t a stone’s throw away to snap photos.



The Formula Drift x Super Street Tech Day was this last Saturday in Irvine, California. While there was no tech inspection this year, several Formula Drift drivers unveiled their cars’ liveries for the upcoming season, including Jeff Jones, Charles Ng, Dave Briggs, Dan Burkett, and Ken Gushi. Additionally, Daigo Saito’s GT-R was wrapped live at the event, offering a unique experience to Tech Day goers. Check out our mini-gallery of the day’s festivities below!

8 Bit

Killer video featuring the 8-Bit Miata!


We went out to Willow Springs Raceway on Sunday to enjoy the first round of the Top Drift 2015 season! ProAm is looking better and better every year, and this round was certainly no exception. With more drivers, more power, and great style, this was a fantastic way to begin the 2015 season!

Congratulations to the round 1 winners!!

Jason Kim 3rd


Eric Hill 2nd


Adam Knapik 1st


Check out our extensive gallery below!