Formula Drift Dopeness

Formula Dopeness >>> Tabrese Does ATL!

May 15, 2015 • By


Formula Drift Atlanta can be described in one word: Hot. The weather as well as the competition was just crazy, not to mention a few fireballs as well. Being my first year going to the iconic track to not only Formula D, but to Petit Le Mans and other racing series’, I was a bit overwhelmed. Firstly, it was pretty big. It’s the biggest track I’ve been to so far. Another thing I wasn’t ready for was the elevation changes. Drifting on Forza does not prepare you for all the elevation changes once you’re actually there which is probably why everyone gets golf carts to ride around with. But other than the negatives (which aren’t bad negatives at all), the track is amazing. The elevation changes provide you with a nice workout as well as some great shots of everything, the woods that the track cuts around and through provide great shooting locations, and the overall scenery is simply gorgeous. This weekend was amazing. As an addict of racecar noises, tire smoke, and the smell of race fuel, it was heaven. I cannot wait until next year! I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did taking them!