Save the Nürbürgring!



Seeing as we are on holiday i wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, whatever you celebrate!

Disclaimer: OMGDrift does not condone street drifting, but this is kinda sorta semi-legit. The roads these guys go on are on Forest Reserve land, and the rangers come and watch now and then. In fact, a ranger shut down the road for us during this session.

I come out to Hawaii for Christmas every couple years, and this year I’m on Maui. Instead of just laying around and doing touristy stuff, I had this great idea to find a drifter to go hang out with. I got a tip from Justin Shreeve that I should find Jason Ney, so that’s what I did.


Ever since ThunderDrift started, there has been a big competition in December. The 2008 December Comp was Ryan Kado’s first drifting competition, and he won it. He also won the 2009 December Comp. The problem with 2010 was that ThunderDrift had been holding the same kinds of events all year long as the ProAm series, so having something like that in December wouldn’t be as fun anymore. To switch it up, Geoff Pitts decided to make it a team tandem battle! But hang on, with the big competition taking up the only possible time ThunderDrift could hold an event in December, where would Super-Am Round 3 go? Geoff said screw it, and threw it in on the same weekend! Never mind that the worst storm ever was allegedly on its way!

joe madge

Tiny photo. I know. Sadly, Joe Madge doesn’t have higher res images on his facebook page for me to steal. For those of you who dont know Joe, He is our resident Forza guy. He did a few articles for us, Then sadly, the Forza Forum moderators booted him off. Joe comes from england, doesn’t have a green card, and some how still manages to live his life, his face frozen as in the above image. We love him anyway. So wish him a happy Birthday, and if you see him on xbox, beat him at forza, cause I can’t.

Happy Birthday Joe, Hope that face thing clears up.

-Ross Fairfield

Abbitt Wilkerson has dropped a promo video to help pump his brothers name now that Walker is jumping into the pro leagues of Formula D in 2011. Check it out!

Walker Wilkerson | 2010 Season from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.


Yeah, another one. The Challenge is getting pretty popular! Local drifter Lex King decided everyone should get together at Bob’s before the big Team Tandem event at Thunderhill this weekend. Geoff wanted to do it the night before WinterQ 4, since he’d be down in the Bay anyway, so that’s when we did it!

How about telling you guys a weird story about a Skyline R33 with a ls2 Supercharged with a procharger?

Would you actually believe me? I suppose not so here’s a small vid clip of the car!

This is for all the geeks getting all upset about this.

Tim was my closest friend. we did this bc this is what he wanted. we’re all laughing in the background because it was the closure we needed after his passing and KNEW that he was there laughing with us. Our heads were filled with rad memories of our friend while at the same time, dealing with the all the idiots that were be pissed off about this. the motor was sold to pay for his final expenses. he had more than just this one car, and it went to his family. what you DONT see, is that “his family” consisted of only his dad. his mother passed away 6 months ago, and then he passed. his dad has been through a terrible time and needed this just as much as we did. Tim also had a solara daily that went to his dad as did his tools, etc.

nothing will be sold off the car as the salvage yard promptly put it in the recycle bin. it will never see the yard itself.

in Native American times, when a warrior was killed, his horse,too, would be slain so that he would have it to ride on his final voyage.

ride on, buddy.

-Taylor Durdan

Untitled from greg deese on Vimeo.

We miss you buddy, R.I.P.