SouthEast Video Dopeness >>> Traction Optional Drift Event

Leave Yo Girl at Home from Alexander Grant on Vimeo. With drifting down and out in Georgia right now, the Team Rowdy guys are headed all over the place to get their fix right now.  First stop Mississippi for the Traction Optional Drift event.  Looks like a blast and its always a pleasure to see Tylers new hot boy car ... Read More »

New Blog Dopeness >>> Matt Powers launches

Have you ever been sitting around and thought “I wonder what Matt Powers has been up to?” I know I have, but usually I just text him. Sorry, you can’t have his number. Anyway, now there’s, a place where you go to stop wondering and find all the news you’ve been craving. Just look! There’s an amazing picture of ... Read More »

ECDA Video Dopeness >>> Missle Car Party

Tony Angelo / Ryan Tuerck Missile Launch Party!! from Joshua Herron on Vimeo. Hobo told me he was flying up to NJ to meet with some of the DA bros to do a shoot, he gave me some hints, but this video puts it all together for me. Hopefully there is more to come! As always Josh puts together an ... Read More »

OMG >>> BG

Oh hey…. …..internet people and readers!  For those who don’t know me, my name’s Hertrech, but everyone calls me BG for obvious reasons.  I’m the owner and main author of Beard Life, and I also work for Enjuku Racing selling car parts to dudes on the daily. Drew asked me to hop aboard and hopefully give you all interesting ... Read More »

Irish Video Dopeness >>> Drift Focus – Chris Brady

Drift Focus – Chris Brady from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo. In the second episode of Drift Focus we talk to Chris Brady who really burst on to the ProDrift scene this year with an outstanding 4th place overall at the CityWest event. Chris became an instant crowd favourite and people are expecting him to place very well in the coming ... Read More »

Beard News >>> No Shave November Awesome Beard Contest

So it’s November and you’re growing an awesome beard, right? Every man, woman, and child should be participating and we at OMGDrift feel like we should award you for being so awesome. So, at the end of the month send in your beard pictures (With proof that it’s yours) and you’ll get some awesome (and free) swag from OMGDrift! We’re ... Read More »