Hella Norcal Donuts >>> What? Another donuts article?

Yeah, another one. The Challenge is getting pretty popular! Local drifter Lex King decided everyone should get together at Bob’s before the big Team Tandem event at Thunderhill this weekend. Geoff wanted to do it the night before WinterQ 4, since he’d be down in the Bay anyway, so that’s when we did it! Read More »

Last Wish

This is for all the geeks getting all upset about this. Tim was my closest friend. we did this bc this is what he wanted. we’re all laughing in the background because it was the closure we needed after his passing and KNEW that he was there laughing with us. Our heads were filled with rad memories of our friend ... Read More »

Introductory post about two Finnish drift fanatics!

Hello to the drifting world! My name is Kimmo “Xan” Blom and I am the newest addition to the OMG authors together with my good buddy Juhapekka “Jupe” Haapoja. So basically I will mostly write these posts and since Jupe is the better photograph of us two he will be providing the pictures. Read More »

Pretty Pictures >>> East Coast Flavor

Some Floridians have Swag.  Deal with that. And if you’re wondering why the cars are dirty, its because they just finished a rainy(thanks Florida) drift night at Central Florida Racing Complex. Unfortunately these guys don’t have a team site, or blog up, but as soon as they do i’ll be sure to post it up.  They’re good people, and drive ... Read More »

Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Lab17’s WinterQ 4

Maybe it’s shameless self-promotion for me to write about my own event, but hey, I can’t help it if I’m the only guy around to cover it. Haha! WinterQ is the annual December BBQ held at Lab17, held the weekend between the 25 Hours of Thunderill and ThunderDrift’s annual December competition. Why have a BBQ in December you might ask? ... Read More »

Product Update >>> Your hoodie preorders

Hi guys! We’d like to apologize for how long it has taken for everyone to receive their orders. There was an unforeseen problem in the printing process. So just hang tight guys, they’ll be out any day now! We’re sorry for the wait! Read More »