This one is so epic, I had to call it “Epicsode” 3. Enjoy!

Driftdance from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

What a year 2010 has been on the Irish Drifting scene – From the Ulster Drift Championship in the North to Practice days at Mondello to following the ProDrift series, I really have had a ball in my first year of contact with drifting as a spectator and videographer.

I put this video together just as a thank you to everyone who has supported me and everyone I have met. The drifting scene here is a very friendly place to be and I simply cannot wait until this years drifting kicks off properly.

Thanks must also go to everyone here at – I could not believe it when Ross asked me to join up and contribute to such a cool drifting website.

P@rick :D

It’s always bad when you combine a lifelong tinkerer/fabricator who is into 4-wheeling with a lifelong car guy who is into drifting and just came home from college. The result in this case was a pair of Frankenstein cars that drifters around Norcal might recognize as Marcus Fry’s and Josh Kravitz’s white Datsun 510’s.


First of all, ‘sup OMGDrift readers!  I think we could squeeze in an introductory post as well as some event coverage.  Let’s try!  My name is Bryant and I enjoy long walks on the beach, a nice glass of scotch next to a roaring fire and, on occasion, I’ve been known to take pictures of cars doing the sliding thing.  I’m also not great at writing about myself so that’s the end of my introduction.  I think I can also squeeze in a bit of a disclaimer here.  I don’t condone drifting without a helmet.  If you do so, you should understand the risks involved.  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to some drifting!


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To this.
To this.



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Check out the second episode of Luke Lonberger’s Formula DRIFT Corvette build!

I just saw a trailer for a documentary on Joon Maeng, One of my personal favorite drivers in the Formula Drift series. The dude is the nicest guy EVER. Seriously. He works his ass off at like 4 jobs, and then drifts on top of that. Craziness. The guy is a beast. this documentary follows him through his Formula D season as well as one of his side jobs at his mothers restaurant. Just watch it.

XTM Documentary ‘Drift Guy – Joon Maeng’ Preview from Jay Joo on Vimeo.

Super-Am hopeful Noah Welch was seriously injured in a car accident last night. Geoff Pitts forwarded me this email:

“Noah was in the back seat of a car that crashed at 100mph. He has a broken neck and is lucky to be alive. He will be out for a while. Could you let all his ThunderDrift friends know? All he could say, over and over, is ‘Will I drift, I can’t make the finals.’ He has surgery tomorrow to put pins in his neck. I will let you know what happens. Thank You.”

Noah drifted his S13 to victory in Super-Am Round 2

So pray, dance, sing, do whatever it takes to help Noah make a full and speedy recovery!