East Coast Birthday Dopeness >>> Mike Griffith gets legal

Happy Birthday to Mike Griffith, our resident east coaster. Mike takes excellent photos, kills it in forza, and swears like a drunken sailor on shore leave. He also looks like a younger Alex Kors to me, but thats just my opinion. Find him on facebook and give him a hello, perhaps throw a smile his way, then maybe he wont ... Read More »

Hella Cencal Dopeness >>> Bob’s MMX

Every year on the Day after Thanksgiving, Bob’s Donuts holds a track day at Buttonwillow. Since we all like Bob’s Donuts, drivers from all over California make the trek after Thanksgiving dinner, numbed by tryptophan, to the various hotels near the track, where much partying occurs. Read More »

Awesome Introduction Dopeness >>>Canadians Drift? Blasphemy!

Cresta Dorifto

How’s it going all? I’m Jesse Cable, More likely to be called “Cable”. I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember.  Its only within the last two or three years that I’ve decided to really pursue it and see what I can make of it. I discovered drifting way back, when I was Junior High School, I ... Read More »

Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Lonberger to campaign C6 in ’11

Luke Lonberger–who just scored a pro license last month in Irwindale–will be campaigning a C6 Corvette in Formula DRIFT next year. We can’t reveal a lot of details yet, but the car will powered by an engine built by Turn Key Engine Supply in Oceanside, Ca. LG Motorsports of Texas will be providing many of the same parts that they ... Read More »

Hella Norcal Dopeness Donuts >>> Geoff and Art do the Challenge

Over at Bob’s Donuts, they make 10″ donuts. One of these monsters completely fills the generic pink boxes meant for a dozen regular sized donuts. They could easily feed a family of four for dinner, and they are just one of the things that sets Bob’s apart from other donut shops in San Francisco. Art and Geoff talk trash to ... Read More »

Irish ProDrifter Dopeness >>> Nigel Colfer

Nigel Colfer – Promo 2011 from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo. Nigel Colfer slip sliding it in the irish Prodrift series. Nigel had an amazing year in Prodrift and is definitely a championship contender after coming second only to Formula D star and ProDrift 2010 Champion James Deane. Nigel is intent on going one step further in 2011. Check out his ... Read More »

SouthEast Dopeness >>> Miami Grand Drift Challenge

Let me go ahead and thank Brice Burkhardt for letting me use his photos. He’s only been shooting for about 2 months and he’s already producing great shots. This was my first time to an event down in Miami. There are definitely some good drivers hiding down there!  They all need to come out of the wood works more often. Read More »