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Video Dopeness!

March 26, 2011 • By

Awesome work by mr. Jape Tiitinen making this little video consisting of material filmed @ FPDA round 3 Kuopio,Finland, KalisKruising 2010 Kuopio, Finland, FPDA round 4 Joutsa, Finland and Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden!

I´m delighted to see so many talented finnish guys making these videos! Makes it way easier for me to write these posts since i actually have something else than just still shots to show you!

Now off to the video and remember to check in on monday for the Z28 presentation!




Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> TDProAm kicks off the 2011 Season

March 18, 2011 • By

This was hands-down the most amazing drifting competition ever held at Thunderhill. I don’t know if it was the fact that Geoff Pitts and the TD staff gained so much experience since the inaugural 2010 ProAm season, or if drivers just felt more confident and hyped up this year, but Round 1 had double the number of drivers of Round 1 last year. Eight drivers made the jump from the rookies-only SuperAm series, including SuperAm champ Adam Swan, and four more rookies joined the series as well.

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Date-Dopeness!!! Final DMCC West Dates Are Here!

March 16, 2011 • By

Well, after much nail biting, The final dates for DMCC(Drift Mania Canadian Championship) Are here and are as follows!!


Round One: Race City, Calgary, Alberta-June 11th-12th.

Round Two: Stratotech Sphere, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta-July 31st.

Round Three: Race City, Calgary, Alberta-August 20th-21st.

Round Four:Penticton, British Columbia-September 3rd-4th.

I cant seem to get my hands on the track name for Round Four, But ill do my best to update this asap!!

Tell your friends, Tell your family, Lets make sure those stands are filled year long! This is a great event, With great people, and some fantastic drifting.

Last but not least, Lets all wish DMCC 2010 Pro Winner, Alex Lee some good luck in the 2011 Formula D 2011 Season. This kid is a phenomenal drifter,and a better guy.

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DMCC Official Website: