Northwest Dopeness >>> Full Course Tire Torment Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Japfest Round 5 Photo Dump Dopeness >>> ASB13 Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Punchestown Round 2 Relax… We’re Professionals. Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Mondello Live Round 1
Northwest Dopeness >>> Full Course Tire Torment
Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Japfest Round 5
Photo Dump Dopeness >>> ASB13
Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Punchestown Round 2
Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Mondello Live Round 1

Tribute >>> One Year Ago…

One year ago, the automotive industry was rocked by the loss of Shaun Carlson. He was a good friend to many, and a best friend to others. He worked hard behind the scenes, helping push Samuel Hubinette to 2 Formula Drift championships. I never got the opportunity to talk to him more than once or twice in passing, and I regret not properly introducing myself, yet even though i never really spoke with him, I was crushed when I heard of his passing. Seeing the tribute car and hearing the speech made by Jay Canter in tribute to Shaun at Irwindale, as well as the video played before top 16 introductions, it touched my heart, and truly made me realize how many peoples lives were touched by Shaun, and what a huge loss he was to the industry. I will be going to Irwindale speedway this weekend, and Shaun Carlson will be on my mind and in my heart the entire time. Its hard not tearing up while I think of all the people that miss him, and all the people who never got to know his influence.

R.I.P. Good Sir. We miss you dearly.

* Photo by Jay Canter*

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Site News >>> An Extended Apology

First off, I would like to say thank you to all of those who entered in our design contest. As Drew stated, due to unforeseen circumstances the graphics won’t be displayed on the car. Unfortunately, this hurts not just us, but our dear friend Andrew Bohan from Lab17, who stayed up through the night to get the graphics done for Nikolay’s car. We wish to give him a massive thank you for trucking along on the graphics only to have these events go down.

Andrew Bohan’s commitment to the task at hand as well as this site is greatly appreciated and we hope that as our friends and fans, you will support this connoisseur of sticker making. Thank you for supporting our site and we hope you will continue to support us, as we have many more exciting projects ahead, that wont be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Site News >>> No New Design at Irwindale for Nikolay Konstantinov

We regret to inform everyone that due to unforeseen circumstances Nikolay Konstantinov will not be debuting the new design at Irwindale. The prizes are still applicable, unfortunately first place will not get their design on the car just yet.



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Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Blu808 preps for ProAm Nationals

Blu808 is set to make a strong showing in Irwindale this weekend, with three cars present. Conrad Grunewald will be driving the Hankook/Blu808 Camaro as usual, but his crew chief Luke Lonberger will be doing double duty at Round 7, as he will be competing in ProAm Nationals at the same time. Luke was the top qualifier from ThunderDrift this season, and teammate Fabian Fernandez snagged the Wild Card invitation.

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And The Winner Is >>> Nikolay Konstantinov Design Contest

Well, I said I’d post the winner last night. Sorry guys! I’m going to start with last and go to first.

First up is from Gabe Schiermeister, he submitted this right when the contest opened. And, well it made me laugh so he gets Honorable Mention! We’ve decided that getting honorable mention is accompanied with an OMG T-Shirt and a load of stickers!

Third place goes to Alfredo Melendez! We liked the overall look, and we’ll be sending you out a little swag bag

2nd goes to a late submission from Damon Young, we loved the concept and design! On top of a swag bag, you’ll be getting an OMGDrift Skateboard deck signed by all the drivers currently competing in Formula D!

And 1st goes to Michael Peña from Dynamite Printing! We thought this was the best design we received throughout the whole contest. You’ll be getting a huge prize! Not only are you getting two tickets to Irwindale, you will be getting a ride along with Nikolay at Irwindale! Additionally, you’ll be getting an OMGDrift swag bag and a Keep Drifting Fun shirt!

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Random Video Dopeness >>> Prodrift Ireland – Round 5 @ Fermoy

What a weekend!

Fermoy seen the return of the Prodrift Series for the final round of the championship. A championship that was still open to a number of drivers with a mathmatical chance of gaining the 2010 Prodrift Series.

Prodrift Ireland – Round 5 @ Fermoy from Patrick McCullagh on Vimeo.

The Amateur series was taken by Jay Rockett ahead of Mark Keane. Jay in his DriftIreland S13 was delighted too win.

The non-seeded pro championship was close with Mark O’Meara and Larry Love looking to take it away from Barry Leonard. On Saturday morning that was looking like a tall order but how quickly things can change in drifting. Barry scored very low and all of a sudden it was looking like Larry Love – who incidently was in blistering form all day – was going to snatch it. However, a well deserved championship win for Barry came after Larry failed to win the non-seeded pro category.

The Pro category was won by that man again – James Deane. James was the favourite to win the title – it was really his to lose but the Castletownroche man kept his cool and took the victory from Damien Shortt – who had an excellent drive to net 2nd.

Drives of the weekend:
Damien Mulvey was excellent to watch as always – whether it be in the car, on the car or underneath the car!!!

Christy Carpenter was absolutely flying and pushed his Nexen team mate all the way – pushing them both to “One more time”. Christy had turned down the boost on the S15 which made a huge difference to his driving netting him his first podium with 3rd place. Definitely someone to watch for next year.

A special mention has to go out to my buddy Mike Fitz in the Bridgestone Sil80. Mike had a tough weekend which was doubly compounded when he hit the car hard on the wall during his Top 16 battle with Shane O’Sullivan. Its testament to the guy when he gets out and stands on the roof of his written off driftcar. Mike hadnt realised through the shock that he had injured his ankle and indeed looking at the car afterwards he was indeed a lucky man. Mike Fitz FTW!!!!!

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Random Video Dopeness >>> Damien Mulvey does a Petter Solberg!

What the hell is a “Petter Solberg”?? – check out this video

Damien Mulvey does a Petter Solberg from Patrick McCullagh on Vimeo

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Random Video Dopeness >>> KeepSh**Fun

He has done it again. Our new guy, Alok Paleri from Lokkydesigns. Another awesome video from this Indian dude, we had invited to visit the Scandinavian Drift series round 4 in Aarhus, Denmark last month.

KeepSh**Fun from Alok Paleri on Vimeo.

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Event Dopeness >>> The Scandinavian Way!

Hey everyone, my name is Neffi and I am a photographer for the Scandinavian Drift series in Denmark and Works Magazine, as you probably already know. If not, check it out now! I have been asked to share some of my best photos from this 2010 season of Scandinavian Drift with you guys here at

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Hella Norcal Event Dopeness >>> Fatlace brings drifting back to the Bay

While ThunderDrift is dominating the higher level amateur drifting scene in Norcal, a lot of the drivers who just want to go have fun find it difficult to drive hella far away all the time. Altamont was great til it got shut down, Drift Day Norcal came and went, and Motoring J Style decided to call it quits.

Mark Arcenal's C10 Hakosuka Skyline

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