Pretty Pictures >>> Rhys Millen In Brazil Being Awesome!

I’m always on the OMG Facebook, and today I got to see a real treat. Fellow bloggers Speedhunters posted this AMAZING photo (shot by badass Bruno Terena) to their Facebook a few hours ago. I’m in complete awe!  I love a few things about this shot; It’s awesome, it’s of one of our supporters Rhys Millen, and it’s a totally ... Read More »

Dopeness >>> Works Magazine “Advisory”

I’ve been waiting to post this because I wanted posts on our site to calm down, I mean, I love Works Mag. I really only try to work with people that I think represent OMG to it’s fullest. Aka, I would never have someone advertise with us who didn’t represent us well. Anyways! Works Mag has always been awesome, it’s ... Read More »

SouthEast Video Dopeness >>> CFRC Frankenslide

CFRC “Frankenslide” Sponored by NOS energy drink from Patrick Konior on Vimeo. Here’s a little video that Patrick Konior, a new videographer in the drift world put together. His videos are getting better by the event! This event was a ton of fun to watch, lots of wall tapping, and balls out driving. All of which Florida has needed for ... Read More »

Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> Blu808’s Drift-Spec Camaros

Here’s to being always busy! At the time of this writing I’ve been up for 39 hours straight. Yesterday I ran a few errands, printed 100 Bob’s Donuts tees commemorating the Giants’ World Series victory, made some last minute stickers for N1 Concepts since they had to go to Buttonwillow for Super Lap Battle, and delivered the Bob’s Donuts tees ... Read More »

SouthEast Video Dopeness >>> Traction Optional Drift Event

Leave Yo Girl at Home from Alexander Grant on Vimeo. With drifting down and out in Georgia right now, the Team Rowdy guys are headed all over the place to get their fix right now.  First stop Mississippi for the Traction Optional Drift event.  Looks like a blast and its always a pleasure to see Tylers new hot boy car ... Read More »

New Blog Dopeness >>> Matt Powers launches

Have you ever been sitting around and thought “I wonder what Matt Powers has been up to?” I know I have, but usually I just text him. Sorry, you can’t have his number. Anyway, now there’s, a place where you go to stop wondering and find all the news you’ve been craving. Just look! There’s an amazing picture of ... Read More »