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Practice Dopeness >>> Driftfest April

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Sunday just gone I was at Driftfest for a practice day. Turn out was much quieter and by all accounts far better than the last event which has just become known for having way too many cars.

As this is really the preseason and a practice day, not all cars were finished. This is John “Boost” Hickey in full flight with a rather famous AE86 which should be looking a bit better for itself at some point.
John Boost Hickey

A few drivers had their cars in tip top shape. Alan Sinnot in his always immaculate looking AE86.
Alan Sinnott

Billy Sutton was another of the drivers who’s car was almost finished. A few tweeks to this SR32 should see him up and running perfectly. We’ll have a feature coming up on this once its completed.
Billy Sutton

His day didn’t go completely to plan. Comments below on what you think is happening here.
Billy Sutton

I’m not sure who the driver of this 180 is. Please get in contact. I need info on it!

A name people that have followed Irish drifting should recognize, Danny Howard. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him properly so I don’t know if he’s going to compete this year.
Danny Howard

Yes I featured this car last time as well. I do love it but I think a little tidying on the body would make it epic!

Us photographers have a hard life at most of these events. We get up early, head to the track, stand out in the rain more often than not, do everything we can to get a great shot of you drivers and this is the thanks we get???? Thanks lad. Taken out of context this does seem pretty harsh but as this is Keith O’Shea, we all know its all in good fun.
Keith O'Shea

Although most drivers are familiar with the track as its a practice day they do then to push hard as Cornelia Krausz found out after going in a little hard on the first corner.
Cornelia Krausz

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1 Comment

  1. April 3, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    I think billy was looking in his wheel for something? Maybe the lip bent and they were hammering it out? haha

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Practice Dopeness >>> Driftfest April

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