ProAm Dopeness: Round One @ Evergreen Drift

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Round one of ProAm at Evergreen Speedway did not disappoint, with a killer car show and some amazing driving to accompany, nothing is better than a day at the track!

One guy I’ve been keeping an eye on coming into this season was Steven Redd and his transfer from rally to drift, and for his first competitive event he fared out pretty well! He qualified on his second run with 68 and went on to win his first ever battle and advance himself to the sweet 16! What an awesome first event for him!

Another gentleman I met was Joseph Lin. This guy is out here representing his own shop and pushing himself to his limits! He started the season right by dominating the field, qualifying first and taking home the win at the end of the night. He drove the living hell out of his car and deserved to stand on top of the podium after two hard fought One More Time battles to cap off the night. I caught up with Joseph as he was packing up and here is what he had to say:

OMG: How does it feel to be top qualifier and take the W in the opening round?

Joseph: It’s awesome to start the season off right and come out swinging. Everything really just fell in place for us tonight and I couldn’t be happier!

OMG: What was your mindset coming into your program this year? What are your goals for the season?

Joseph: My goal is to just consistently come out and put on a good show, I have a small business I’m trying to grow so I’m using this series to kind of promote it. It’s Driven Specifications,, I’m trying to grow the local scene with it!

OMG: Pro2?

Joseph: Possibly. I mean if we license, then different things might go through my mind, but at this point I would just return next year to do another season of ProAm.

Another driver I caught up with is Orion Dajnowicz. He has been killing it here since his arrival here in the PNW. He’s come from pretty much as far away as possible, making the trip up from Florida to compete in the local Grassroots and ProAm season here at Evergreen Speedway in the hopes of getting one of the few Pro2 licenses there are. He has a good crew behind him and the heart of a lion, he cares so much about the people around him. Dajnowicz took home third place in the opening round but took first in the grassroots series, and I definitely think he is going to be one to keep our eye out for this season.

OMG: So how does it feel to podium back to back events?

Orion: I don’t really know how to feel to be honest. I came here and I thought I was going to get stomped. I thought this, and I’m not trying to disrespect anybody, but I came up here and I thought, oh my god we are going to get creamed. These are the best drivers in the United States basically, and I’m just at a loss of words for even being able to stand on the podium here.

OMG: What happened today? Transmission shit the bed?

Orion: Uhhh yeah we ran it, when we ran off the bank midway through the event something happened with my steering at that point and I’m not sure what it was but after that my Wisefab just wasn’t the same, it was locking up and binding and the transmission sounds like it has a bag of marbles in it. So I mean it went well but it didn’t at the same time. Broke a bunch of stuff but got on the podium which is sick!

All in all it was a good event, everybody left with a smile on their face and high-fiving until net time! I can’t wait to get out there June 2nd for Round Two and see what changes everyone makes in preparation to face the big bank for the first time this season, it should be a good one!

Until next time catch me on Instagram @austin_wasmund, and if you see me at event come over and give me a high five!

Words and photos by Austin Wasmund

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ProAm Dopeness: Round One @ Evergreen Drift