ProDrift Video Dopeness >>> Ennis Onboard

ProDrift RAW!! – Ennis Onboard from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

Round 1 of the ProDrift series kicked off this past weekend in Ireland. The Ennis event was bathed in glorious sunshine and now im bathed in red sunburnt skin!! This was my first chance to get a using my Contour HD and after a few problems (okay relax i thought i was a professional but not quite yet) i got the camera working properly for a number of passes. First run in the video was our very own OMGdrift photographer Shane Macken, who swapped his camera for a 180sx. This was Shane’s first ever competitive event – i’ll let him fill you in on the results and what not when he gets his photos up!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy these onboards from the amateurs, semi-pro and professional categories. ;)

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