Our dearest Canadian Jordan Hamelin sent me the link to his trailer for the DriftWars DVD out of Canada. This trailer is epic, and if this is any indication of how sick the video is going to be, well, I think hospitals will be crowded with cases of exploding heads.

DriftWars Vol.2 DVD Trailer! The complete 2010 Drift Season. Buy now on www.DriftWarsTheDVD.com from Jordan Hamelin on Vimeo.

Order now on DriftWarsTheDVD.com ! buy them NOW! Because Canadians are people to, and because Jordan wants to blow your mind!

*edit note*

Jordan wanted me to say that even though its from Canada, and they speak french on his side of the country,

the video is in english and features cool drivers from FD and XDC like Matt Waldin, Dave Briggs and Pat Cyr!

So because of this, you should want to buy it even more!