Random Russian Dopeness >>> Design Nikolay Konstantinov’s RBS13 for Irwrindale!


Word guys! Nikolay Konstantinov feels like he needs a new graphic scheme to debut at Irwindale this year and we thought to ourselves, “Why not make it a contest?”. 


You can download the full image here to make it easier to see.

You can pretty much design it in anything you want, but keep in mind we’re going to need to see a good quality image. So, if you’re really skilled with MS Paint then more power to you. If you want to design it in Forza, then even more power to you. We just want to be able to actually translate it onto Nikolay’s car with ease.

Now, all contest have prizes, right?

1st place gets 2 tickets to Irwindale and a whole bunch of OMGDrift swag.

2nd and 3rd place get OMGDrift swag.

Deadline is October 1st.

Submit all entries to wtf@omgdrift.com


  1. You know im gonna jump on this question, what are the sponsor’s?

  2. Cake walk…

  3. UP Garage!!!

  4. Is it possible for you guys put up a top, front, and rear view of the car? And a list of Nikolay’s sponsors?

  5. Could you please make a .psd file so it is easier to paint it without overlapping the body part outlines?

  6. This car doesn’t need graphics! It is SOOOO HOT as is!!!

  7. yeah other views and list of sponsors definitely a must have.

  8. Got mine sent in. Best of luck all around!

  9. When will the winner be announced?

  10. SliTech the winner will be announced by the monday before irwindale

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