I sometimes hate Justin Shreeve, in a “he is like a goofy brother and I want to hit him but I dont” kinda way. This kid (who isnt a kid) killed IT with this video. Drew called me about it. Its all I have seen on facebook for the past 2 days. Something about this video has blown everyones minds. Justin raised the bar to a level higher than that set by previous videographers of drifting past. This is the new level. I love Justin Shreeve, and I still kind of hate him.

Watch this video and decide if you feel the same

Why So Serious? | Formula Drift | Irwindale from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.


  1. if there was only one thing to say wrong was the transitions through shots towards the end when it goes all slow, i think if the shots were fading into each other it would of just nailed the icing on the cake, either way just insane video right there… by far the best video ive seen!

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