Random Video Dopeness >>> Mark Lenardon Blows My Mind at Irwindale!

I had seen some screengrabs on Facebook from Mark Lenardon for this video, I was excited to say the least! Sit back and enjoy!

Slide Style| Irwindale| Formula D from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.


  1. damn. beat me by like 10 seconds. h8 u drew! lol

    <3 mark lenardon tho *swoon*

  2. You cant argue much with that! very very cool video.

    What does Mark shoot with, anyone?

  3. I use a Canon Xh A1.

  4. This is an amazing video, well done Mark.

  5. good JOB

  6. very cool

    what the name of that dubstepish track?

  7. Brandon Scarpelli

    WOW! The shot at 4:45-ish of Tanner smokin his tires and Aasbo coming through the smoke is sick! All around really dope video!

  8. C.Cam- It’s on the Vimeo page, I cant remember ever what its called, and Id butcher the name every time.

    Thanks everyone!

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