Random Video Dopeness >>> Mark Lenardon Blows My Mind at Irwindale!

I had seen some screengrabs on Facebook from Mark Lenardon for this video, I was excited to say the least! Sit back and enjoy!

Slide Style| Irwindale| Formula D from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.


  1. omgross says:

    damn. beat me by like 10 seconds. h8 u drew! lol

    <3 mark lenardon tho *swoon*

  2. You cant argue much with that! very very cool video.

    What does Mark shoot with, anyone?

  3. Mark says:

    I use a Canon Xh A1.

  4. SLiTech says:

    This is an amazing video, well done Mark.

  5. kwong chi shing says:

    good JOB

  6. C.Cam says:

    very cool

    what the name of that dubstepish track?

  7. Brandon Scarpelli says:

    WOW! The shot at 4:45-ish of Tanner smokin his tires and Aasbo coming through the smoke is sick! All around really dope video!

  8. mark L says:

    C.Cam- It’s on the Vimeo page, I cant remember ever what its called, and Id butcher the name every time.

    Thanks everyone!

  9. Damon says:

    Nice Job Mark!