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Review Dopeness >>> Our Time With A 2013 Ford Mustang

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As of this past Friday, Caitlin and I are on our “Summer Break”. What does that mean? Well, we both were able to take from Friday to the following Sunday off! 10 days of sleeping in, doing whatever we wanted, and this 2013 Ford Mustang was one of the things that helped kick it off. On a whim we decided to go up to Oregon for Bash To The Future and instead of just taking the Element up we decided to pick up a brand new 2013 Mustang for our drive up.

We made the drive up from Los Angeles as soon as Caitlin was off work, we left LA at 6:00PM Friday and got in about 10 hours later. This entire review comes from the drive back down to Los Angeles from Oregon, with all the things we saw. First off we had to wash the blue beauty so it was picture ready.

We had fallen in love with the Mustang on the way up, Caitlin didn’t let me really know how much she was actually into the Mustang until much later in the drive. It turns out the 65′ Mustang was actually her dream car as she was growing up, so she was living out a dream just driving in a brand new Mustang. usa live online casino

As we stared at Mt. Shasta we gave ourselves a challenge, get as far up Mt. Shasta as possible in the Mustang. Caitlin took it as much more of a challenge than I did, I felt it would take maybe an hour to really scale the mountain.

We grew closer and closer, I got more and more excited to climbing the mountain.

We were at the base of the mountain, we turned the AC off, rolled the windows down, and proceeded to push up the mountain. I had to keep slowing down because I was able to push it way beyond where I thought I would be able to. I found myself going well above any of the posted speed limits without actually noticing.

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There were moments where I was doing an easy 80MPH, and, didn’t notice. It’s not like we had the GT500 or the GT. We had the base model V6, if I wasn’t told I wouldn’t have known. We grew closer and closer to the top, it wasn’t taking any time at all.

Just like that, we were at the tallest possible spot we could drive to. It made it up like a champion, there wasn’t one moment where either of us were all worried of pushing the limits of the Mustang. We were able to push this base model Mustang but never reached the limit, it’s an incredible car.

We walked up another half mile and missed the Mustang, we decided to jump back in the Mustang and jam home.

On the way down the hill we found a dirt road that seemed tamable. Again, we weren’t trying to push our luck, just this base model Mustang a bit. I turned traction control off and got my rally driver on, doing perfectly legal things the entire way, I definitely didn’t kick the rear end out.

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We couldn’t get over the fact of how nice this base model Mustang was, and, it had hardly been used when we picked it up. It had 300 miles on it when we left LA, we would later return it with 2100 miles.

We took the road less traveled, got off at weird exits and towns, and really took in the scenery. slots that use paypal

We spent so much time in the dirt on the way home, and, it handled it incredibly well.

As the sun started to set, we just kept chugging along in this Mustang that Caitlin and I grew more and more in love with.

The tailights are one of my favorite design features of the 2013 Ford Mustang, they are unmistakable and perfect.

The night was lit up by the beautiful dashboard, the build quality is amazing here. Oh, and were only speeding because everyone else was. I’m almost positive this picture will shock my friends because they all know I no longer speed. We’re not supporters of peer pressure but we definitely don’t want to get run into by some jackass doing 89MPH.

We couldn’t help but think of Tron with all these blue lights.

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We eventually made it home, with very very few fill ups along the way.

The next morning we loaded up the car to then drop it off with Hertz, we were legitimately sad to see it go.

We decided to take it on one last run before taking it back, and, it did not disappoint one bit. It’s fast, beautiful, and affordable.

We don’t do normal reviews, but, we need to include one shot of the massive 3.7L V6 pushing out 305HP/280TQ.

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So what’s our final word?

Well, for 22,000 dollars you get a ton of car. It feels solid, it’s fast, and it’s well built.

Think about that.

22,000 dollars for 305 horsepower.

It’s a hell of a car, and, I would be happy to own one myself.

As another note, we weren’t paid to do this article, we weren’t given this car by Ford, I went down to my local Hertz and rented this car with my own money. It’s an awesome car, I stand behind it, and I’m all about it.

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  1. June 11, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    use my 2013 Boss 302 next 🙂

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Review Dopeness >>> Our Time With A 2013 Ford Mustang