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Road Trip Dopeness >>> Our Weekend In Phoenix!

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We made our way to Phoenix last weekend to attend the Bondurant Open House. Check out how we got ready and the things we saw after the jump!

Our week started with a visit to SkyPrintMedia in Walnut, CA. Alex Lopez of SkyPrintMedia moved back to CA after establishing himself in AZ. I’ve worked with Alex numerous times before and having him here is a huge help!

Earlier in the week Alex and I had talked about redoing the layout of the Element to give sponsors more love on the Element. I came up with a basic scheme before I came over to the shop and we say at his workstation to figure out how to execute it all.

Alex had proposed the idea of perforated rear windows to use up all that empty and blank space. Here you can see him sizing everything up to fit the rear windows. The total file size I sent to him was well over 500MB!

As we waited for the design to print Alex began taking off the interior panel to remove the rear windshield wiper to really give that clean look in the rear of the Element.

With the design all printed and set, Alex began to place the large piece of perforated material. After taping it all up to fit the window and make sure it’s level, all that’s left to do is cut away the backing paper.

How cool is this material? Alex explained to me how careful you have to be with the material because as you apply it it’s really easy to pull all the ink off of it.

With half of the material now in place, it was all really starting to come together. It looked just as it did in my head and that felt amazing!

The rest of the windows were a breeze, our only messup was my own error. I forgot to account for the curvature of the window where they meet which brings the material down a little bit.

But as you can see that was absolutely zero issue for Alex! He made it work, cut it to fit, and it came out awesome.

Before I knew it Alex was doing the other window and cutting it to size, it was all coming together so nicely!

He then pulled out his trust Mike Griffith blowtorch to heat and set the vinyl.

With all the perforated material on, we were done for the day. I had to go run and pick up Caitlin from work and Alex was ready to spend some quality time with his family. I would be back in the morning to wrap up the finishing touches on the Element!

Alex wasted zero time and got right to getting the Element in shape. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen our poll go up on which vinyl we would be putting on the rear quarter. The Japanese logo (Pictured here without the Japanese) won hands down.

With the logo on the car, all that was left to do was heat the vinyl so it would sit and then split it.

The vinyl we were using activates at around 190 degrees. Alex monitored it very closely with blowtorch in hand.

It was now time to do the other side, before moving onto all the other sponsors. Just like the other side, Alex measured and placed before transferring it on.

With the OMGDrift logo on, split, and activated; it was time to move onto the main sponsors. Also, my paint has never looked as good as it does in this photo. I love it!

I caught Alex peeling all the sponsor logos for the Element, we were doing a matte black backing with matte white lettering.

It came time to lay down the top layer. Alex explain to me that as long as we kept everything on the same sheet it will be infinitely easier to make it level on the Element.

I’ve been looking for ways to keep my fenders on, and, by channeling VGJ I found a way! We got everything on the car, I went home loaded up the car, picked up Caitlin from work and we drove straight to Phoenix.

We found this awesome spot on the way to Phoenix to shoot the Element. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen #OMGCaitlin mentioned a number of times but wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowd. That moment ends now! Say hello the the Internet Caitlin!

I’m extremely happy with how it came out! It’s a very simple and straightforward design but we think that works well! From this angle you can see how beat my fenders are.

Here’s a closer look at the zip tie style vinyl! Let me tell you, it works incredibly well and I think it looks SWEET!

This entire build was actually inspired by Caitlin. When we met the Element was held together with hopes and dreams. The more I got to know her, the better I understood what a girl who’s not into cars at all would like. She loves the Fifteen52 Tarmacs because they remind her of Starfish, she loves the matte red because it’s not something you see everyday, and she loves the layout. She says it makes the car look important. I decided to surprise her by giving her a place on the car, taking over Taylor Swift’s spot on the car. real online keno

It feels great to be such a small company and have the support of companies like DTA, Drive Energy, Fifteen52, Adaptec Speedware, and SkyPrintMedia! real slot machines for real money

All these partnerships keep us motivated to do them proud and represent them to the fullest.

We arrived in Phoenix later that night, and, the next morning we made our way to Bondurant. Here Dustin Millard is headed to regulate on some hooligans for parking where they shouldn’t.

We lost track of Dustin, and, then we found him showing off his superior strength. Suns out guns out!

We then found Matt Powers, and, might have caught Corey Hosford creeping on Matt’s bod.

Matt pulled out one of his windows, we’re not sure for what, and by the looks of it he might not have known why either. It was over 100 degrees, we understand why there’s a little mental disconnection.

This is actually Matt’s demo car, basically running the exact setup he’s podiumed with.

It was time for the drift demo, Powers and Hosford suited up and went out.

They warmed up the tires and did a little donut with eachother. Now kith.

The guys really looked like they were having a blast out there!

Corey passed Matt on the outside, really looking solid! Hopefully this is a preview of what’s to come of Texas in a couple weeks.

Corey was obviously very excited about his most recent runs, or, he just wanted a hug. Sam of Drift Idiot didn’t know what to think.

Caitlin and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, and, when we came back there was a very wide variety of cars all around. This truck isn’t something I’d normally be into, but, I loved it. On the other side of the truck was what I really interested in though.

An absolutely beautiful example of an S13 hatch with the power to match.

That’s a lot of horses, we promise you. virtual money games

We’re all about the VIP scene, we would be this low if we lived out in AZ too. The roads are so nice!

Speaking of low! We fell in love with this S14 driven by Instagram user LOLSR20.

What’s better than an OMGDrift sticker? Nothing, nothing at all.

Aaaaand just one final look for you guys! Great looking isn’t it?

Dustin’s Weapon will always be one of my favorites.

Corey gives us this look… a lot.


All in all it was a great quick getaway for us, there’s a lot of things that go into just a four hour day, taking two days just to get the car ready. We would like to thank everyone who helped us get there, and, we will see you guys in Texas!

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  1. August 31, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Great working with you Drew! Thanks for the feature. Look forward to our next project together. We need to start talking about the next layout!

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Road Trip Dopeness >>> Our Weekend In Phoenix!