Spirit of the Streets – Highland Bihoku Circuit Replica

John Burroughs

Hey there! I’m John, OMGDrift’s newest contributing photographer. You’ll probably (hopefully) be seeing much more content from Las Vegas and the Southwest US from me in the future.

These photos are from the Spirit of the Streets Bihoku event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 29th and 30th. The guys at Vegasdrift put on an impeccable event using GPS coordinates to recreate the legendary Bihoku Highland Circuit on a one-to-one scale so that American drivers could drive one of the most famous tracks in drifting without the expense of flying out to Japan, and in their own cars no less.

In a word, the driving both days was stellar. Every driver was absolutely killing it every lap, from hometown hero Forrest Wang to a nearly-bone-stock salvage title FRS. The variety of cars that showed up to party was nothing short of amazing.

Local crew Team Overstyle, in their signature silver liveries, were throwing 3-car trains both days, often including Matt Haugen in his beautiful C33 Laurel.

As with any event with tons of drivers and tons of track time, there were crashes. On the bright side, there were only two that demanded major attention. Midway through the first day, after completely shredding for a few laps, Bear Rzesnowiecky sent it a little too hard and hit the very end of the wall of the big corner, breaking left-side suspension arms front and rear. Luckily though, the car can be pretty easily fixed as there’s no major frame damage. 

On the other end of the luck spectrum was Jesse Robles. Naturally, I wasn’t looking, but he hit the wall hard on the big entry, exploding the rear glass, completely shifting his entire front clip, and totaling the car. Thanks to his cage and safety equipment though, he walked away with only three broken ribs. What was amazing to me about Jesse’s crash wasn’t just his lack of major injury; at least 20 people went into action to get his car loaded on a trailer and make sure everything was squared away for him while he was receiving medical attention.

As my first post on the site, I’d like to think Spirit of the Streets Bihoku was a pretty good introduction. I’m definitely grateful to Drew and Caitlin for the opportunity, and I look forward to future posts!

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Spirit of the Streets – Highland Bihoku Circuit Replica