Galen Callahan had his Cressida stolen last night! Last seen in Lynnwood, WA. Any information would be appreciated!

Red 1990 Toyota Creddida / 1JZ / Brabus Wheels / Sparco Seats & Steering wheel / Megan Coilovers.

If anyone local to Galen has seen this car since it was stolen it seems logical to either contact Galen (206 383 4087) or the local police force as soon as possible.

Like we saw with Baggsys Subaru last week if the word spreads enough we have a chance of getting this badass car back to its rightful owner.

Spread the word.


  1. This photo isn’t very good for showing the actual car if it has been stolen. Just saying a profile picture would probably help since its once of those things where people glance at it for a second and then move on, most the time at least….

    Just sayin..

    Hope he finds it..

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