Super D: Two Turntables and a Microphone

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Let me just get this out of the way. From SoCal, Thunderhill is about a seven hour drive. There are a few tracks within the two hour range from LA proper. So why bother driving the extra five hours to go to some ol’ skid pad? I mean…a skid pad is a skid pad right?

To keep the answer short and sweet: the driving style and course layouts are what make these events worth it. The judging and the people are what make you want to keep coming back. It won’t matter, two hours or seven, a drive to the track is a drive to the track.

There’s an obvious divergence in drifting. There’s the v8 Wisefab FD spec. This tends to be high angle with flowy transitions. Initiations can be smooth and drivers can sometimes just roll into them or give a good tug of the rear hydro. This is cool as it’s own thing. I appreciate it for what it is. However, my heart lives elsewhere.

There aren’t too many things that get me more excited than a high speed entry that drivers chuck their cars into. Using good throttle control and tight wheel work you can initiate without relying too heavily on the rear brake. If there’s something you can hit and ruin you car; even better. Shallow angle then a high speed chuck.
The latter style seems to thrive in the SuperD events. Judges seem to prefer this style of driving. It’s dangerous and fast, but most importantly; it’s exciting.
You must mount the proper steed for the job. Thus the builds; The cars are built to a different taste. People are running pretty low setups with three piece wheels and full aero. The wheels fit nicely within the arches. There’s full paint and sometimes even an appearance of street-ability.  The knuckles and alignment settings call for something a bit more responsive and snappy. The term “grassroots” can’t help but come to mind here.
Something that’s easy to miss is that there are cars with mostly stock Ka’s drifting here. Basic mods and pushing the most out of what they have. Yet, they can keep up with the higher power builds.  Again, a lot comes down to how the layouts are handled – they’re technical and that levels the playing field a bit.​
A huge thank you goes out to AutoFactory Realize and Team Goldstar for their hospitality. I’ve met a ton of cool people through drifting as a driver and a photographer. I’m thankful for all of the good times and cool places it has taken me. See ya’ll at the track!


Words & Photos by John Medina

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Super D: Two Turntables and a Microphone