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Random Video Dopeness >>> Crazy Corolla Tandem!!

All I can say about this is…WOW. Turn your speakers up to 11 and play this as big and high-quality as you can. (1440p?! HOLY CRAP.)

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> FD Returns To The Streets of Long Beach!!


Formula Drift is back for its tenth year of competition, and Round 1 at the Streets of Long Beach was one of the best events in recent history. With new cars, new drivers, and new rules, there was a sense of freshness throughout the weekend.

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Grassroots Dopeness >>> NI Drift Series

Last weekend saw the start of the drift season here in Ireland with the first round of the NI Drift Series based in the North West region of Ireland. Drifting is very much confined to the southern part of the island with the Irish Drift Championship (IDC, formerly ProDrift) taking place as far north as Dublin which is probably 4 to 5 hours from the most northerly tip of the country. Now for our American readers that will sound absolutely normal but over here it just simply is not! Earlier this week I posted just a overview of my trip to the NI Drift Series which you can catch on Here we will have a quick look at how the battles panned out.

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Video Dopeness >>> Emma Saunders learns to Drift | Episode 1

Recently Chris Brady asked me to come and video him teaching his partner Emma Saunders how to drift. This is the first episode of her learning just that. Initially Emma is just out learning a few basic car control techniques. In the next episode Chris will be teaching her some basic drifting techniques like initiation, clipping points and so on. Sit back and enjoy Emma ringing the neck of an E36 M3. Personally, I was really impressed with her and her attitude inside and outside the car. It is going to be really interesting to see how she gets on in the episodes to come so stay tuned to OMGdrift for future episodes!


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East Coast Dopeness >>> ClubLoose Freedom Moves!!


This weekend was ClubLoose’s Freedom Moves, a two-day party with some drifting thrown in to commemorate 9/11. Click more for tons of coverage from the whole weekend!

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Hardparked Dopeness >>> Low N’ Slow at Big Boy Burgers

So, you won’t usually see me covering events in Los Angeles. You won’t even see me covering events in the United States. I’m from the UK, as you would know if you follow my Drift Allstars coverage. ┬áThis is an awesome, new scene to me. I loved it. And you should totally make the jump.

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Round 1 – Birmingham – Part. II

So, where did we leave this off? Oh yeah. The event was rad. Qualifying was intense and unpredictable, and a brilliant Top 16 was the result. You can read Part I here, and when you’ve done that, make the jump!

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Practice Dopeness >>> Driftfest April

Sunday just gone I was at Driftfest for a practice day. Turn out was much quieter and by all accounts far better than the last event which has just become known for having way too many cars.

As this is really the preseason and a practice day, not all cars were finished. This is John “Boost” Hickey in full flight with a rather famous AE86 which should be looking a bit better for itself at some point.
John Boost Hickey

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Random Photo>>> MSC Drift, Mobara

MSC Drift Round 1 will take place this weekend at Mobara Circuit, Japan… We will be there!


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Random Dopeness>>> Only in Japan…

This is how I bring you all of my Blog posts from here in Japan

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