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Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Fermoy Round 4

Round 4 of the Irish Drift Championship took place in Corrin Mart in Fermoy. Traditionally this has always been a fast track with a very tight infield tear drop. This year the layout was changed slightly to open out the tear drop to allow for higher speeds, what a difference to the action this caused but more about that later on.

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Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Ennis Round 3

IDC was in Ennis for Round 3 of the championship. As you can see it started off extremely wet. There were patches of water on the track 2″ deep, these were mostly offline so didn’t cause too much of an issue.

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Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Punchestown Round 2

Round 2 of IDC was held in Punchestown.  As always my favourite track of the year. Its so fast, the walls are so close and oh so very hard! As is becoming the fashion here lately there was a practice day on the Friday, I unfortunately couldn’t make it due to work commitments. Due to a few other commitments I missed most of Saturdays action also. I did get in pro practice and also most of the top 32.

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European Dopeness >>> Drift Allstars Round 3 Punchestown

Punchestown Ireland had its second drift event this year after Prodrift ran here in late May. The track layout was very similar but with different clipping points and a different finish.

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Round 1 – Birmingham – Part. II

So, where did we leave this off? Oh yeah. The event was rad. Qualifying was intense and unpredictable, and a brilliant Top 16 was the result. You can read Part I here, and when you’ve done that, make the jump!

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Irish Prodrift Dopeness >>> Punchestown Round 2

The weekend just gone has seen two major events happen in Punchestown, Ireland. Firstly Prodrift round 2, secondly sun shine. We don’t get sunshine here all too often. Temperatures even hit a high of 27°C (80°F)! Now to folks in the US that may not seem very high but last week our high was 15°C (59°F). These two factors resulted in some great drifting and lots of sun burn.

Here is a nice little shot of Paul McCarthy showing how sunny it was and also how good an E36 M3 engine looks with no air box.

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ProDrift Video Dopeness >>> The Siege of Ennis

Check out Neil Sheehan‘s awesome video from ProDrift’s first round of the championship in the Co. Clare town of Ennis. I won’t be making it to many rounds of ProDrift this year but that doesn’t mean our OMGdrift fans should suffer! Neil is Mr.Juicebox so go check out his site if you haven’t already.

Click here for photos from the event by Martin Cunningham

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Irish Prodrift Dopeness >>> Siege of Ennis Round 1

This weekend saw the start of the Prodrift 2012 5 round season. I headed to Clare Marts in Ennis to a custom built track for round 1. Saturday started off with over 70 cars for the amateur and semi pro groups.

Adrian Walsh
Adrian Walsh, a former pro who hasn’t competed in an event in a few years was back with his SR20 AE86. This is one well setup car with a more than capable driver. He spent the day making everyone wonder why he ever stopped competing.

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Practice Dopeness >>> Superdrift April

Monday the 9th saw the first event to be run by Superdrift. As with last week, I was back in Watergrasshill, but this time the weather wasn’t great. Heavy rain all morning had put a real dampener on the mood, but with this being the last practice day before Prodrift kicks off next weekend, it was the last chance for a few pros to test out their cars.

This is Alan Sinnott who we’re all familiar with running a new wing setup in anticipation of next weekend, where he starts his championship defense.
Alan Sinnott

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Wem-ba-Ley

Cezeli Productions | Drift Allstars | Wem-Ba-Ley from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

Hella late I know but something for the up and coming drift season especially with Formula D LBC happening as we speak!

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