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Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> TD ProAm Rd. 4

Only one word can describe this event: Incredible. And I mean that in the original sense of the word. It wasn’t just amazing, but some things happened that I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen them for myself. The day was full of upsets, tragedies, and triumph. With only two rounds to go, the top drivers knew they had to ... Read More »

Double Video Dopeness >>> Conrad & Corollas

It’s really hard to edit when you’re moving, and then once you’re moved you have to reformat your computer and reinstall everything. So without further ado, here’s Conrad Grunewald’s Round 5 video: And while I was in Super Beast Mode catching up on video work, I decided, “hey, why not finish two videos in one day?” So that’s what I ... Read More »

Oregon Dopeness >>> Drift Evolution

A lot of places have big drift scenes, and even more places have small scenes. Many places don’t even have a drift scene at all. Medford is a small town in south Oregon that most people probably haven’t heard of, but that doesn’t stop them from having one of the biggest drift scenes in the state. Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Bohan vs. Jersey

It’s rough living on the West Coast and doing East Coast events two weekends apart, especially for teams that need to fix their cars! The attendance list for New Jersey was short partly because of that, and partly because other events interfered. Rhys Millen and Sam Hübinette were two big names that were conspicuously missing. In fact, the field was ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Bohan vs. Florida

When I found out Formula DRIFT replaced the Sonoma stop with a new venue in south Florida, I had mixed feelings. I was super bummed that Sonoma was gone since it’s less than an hour from my house, and I wasn’t looking forward to doing three trips back east. But hey, it’s Florida, so maybe it would just be awesome ... Read More »

Hella Norcal Previews >>> Lonberger’s Corvette

If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with the Luke Lonberger’s Corvette Build videos that I’ve been making — and why Episode 6 isn’t out yet — just hang tight. The car is getting close to completion and Episode 6 will come out shortly after that. Anyway, in addition to making the videos, I finished most of the graphics ... Read More »

Hella Norcal Dopeness >>> TD’s Fulltrack February

It’s that time of year again! Drivers are dusting off the cobwebs and doing other cliche things to get ready for the 2011 competition season. I rode up to Thunderhill with Formula DRIFT rookie Fabian Fernandez today to see what was going on. Right when we got there, we saw Fabian’s fellow rookie Ryan Kado back his orange S14 into ... Read More »