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Video Dopeness >>> Lucas Oil UKDrift Team @ BDC Round 4

Check out the latest video from Mark Luney and the Luca Oil UK Drift Team. The guys always manage to make fun videos which we love here at OMGdrift!

The Lucas Oil UK Drift Team head back with the Supra for the second time this year to Lydden Hill Racing Circuit to compete in the penultimate round of the 2013 British Drift Championship.

With the team having to undertake a complete engine rebuild prior to the event, the hard work seemed to pay off as driver Mark Luney took 2nd place and now leads the championship going into the final round.


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BDC Video Dopeness >>> SATS Motorsport At TRAX

SATS Motorsport at Silverstone from Ciaran Smith on Vimeo.

Chris Arthur from the SATS Motorsport team just sent us through this killer video from the weekend! Defiantly different to the norm, we like!


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Autosport International 2012 >>> 2012 SATS Cosworth Supra

Just a quick little teaser from the Autosport International show we attended today! Mark Luney’s 2012 SATS Cosworth Supra was unveiled at the show and is looking stunning, more photos, details and a full report coming soon!

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2011 Review Dopeness >>> Nat Twiss’ Super Exciting Year

Mark Lappage @ Teesside

I can’t believe that 2011 is over in 8 days. It’s flew by, Maybe I’m getting too old now? This was my second year of covering the BDC for the fine folks at OMGDrift, and it couldn’t have been better. On top of the fantastic local talent we saw the likes of Frederic Aasbo and Remmo Niezen. Outside of the super smoky side of motorsport, I’ve had a super enjoyable year. My full review after the jump!

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Holy Amazing Event Parking Lot Dopeness>>>Killer FD

I found this FD in my drafted posts, I would like to skip dreary UK winter and head straight back to spring now please.

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Random Video Dopeness >>> INVASION – Maxxis Tyres British Drift Championship Round 5 by Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks constantly blows my mind, and he is absolutely stepping up the on car footage game! Totally unbelievable stuff.

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Event Dopeness >>> BDC Round 5 – Silverstone, Pt.II

So, picking up from where we left off in Part One of the coverage, after lunch the BDC Top 16 began, and the clouds cleared and revealed what could be the most intense battles of the season! Top 16 coverage after the jump…

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Event Dopeness>>>BDC & TRAX – Pt.1

So, now the dust has settled from the British Drift Championship at Silverstone, it’s time to look back at what happened in the morning. It rained, in the typical British fashion. But it didn’t stop the drivers going absolutely nuts during qualifying for the crowd. More after the jump!

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Event Dopeness >>> Flash Result – BDC R5

Team Need For Speed’s Fredrik Aasbø took the win in style at todays fifth round of the British Drift Championship at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire. Full event review to follow in the next few days, KEEP WATCH!


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Event Teaser Dopeness >>> British Drift Championship Round 5 – Silverstone

Round 5 of the Maxxis British Drift Championship takes us to Silverstone this weekend, where they’ve partnered with TRAX, a huge car show. It should be an awesome weekend, and there’s some special guests on track too. I’ll be bringing you coverage of the show and the drifting over the coming week, look out for it!


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