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Formula Dopeness >>> 2015 Gets Off to a Crazy Start!!

April 14, 2015 • By


After coming so close to his first championship last year, Fredric Aasbo has returned as a man on a mission. While it may not have been an easy victory for him and his crew, he proved that the little-tC-that-could can still compete with the big bad V8s with a nearly perfect weekend.


The tC looks absolutely stunning this year, with the super aggressive Rocket Bunny kit and signature black-and-yellow Rockstar livery.


Those sticky Hankook RS3s help to not only make this car one of the fastest on the grid, but also lay down tons of smoke. Surprisingly, it seems as though there was less smoke from a lot of the cars when compared to the last couple of years…Did anyone else notice this or are we crazy?


Obviously Aasbo didn’t get the memo about putting out less smoke.


When talking about tire smoke and style, there’s one name that always comes to mind; Forrest Wang and his new Get Nuts Lab Silvia S15.


The car looks gorgeous, and Wang really knows how to put on a show with it. His second qualifying run was bonkers, as he scraped all the outer zones perfectly and threw out tons of smoke. That helped him earn a 97 and the top qualifying spot.


He couldn’t maintain that momentum on Saturday however. Going up against the lowest qualifying driver, Matt Coffman, in the first battle of the Top 32, he couldn’t quite keep up and Coffman put down two great runs to advance. Wang’s hopes of a championship this year may have been defeated already, as it is extremely difficult to make up for the 87 point deficit to Aasbo.


Coffman looked like a changed man, and even though his car looked the same as last year, it was a completely different beast.


In practice Friday morning, he stuffed the rear end into the wall, but he adapted quickly and came out swinging on Saturday. This could be a breakout season for Coffman, if he can manage to keep the car in one piece.


Another driver to watch for is “Rapper” Dan Savage and his Sikky RX-8. After winning the Pro 2 Championship last year, he has carried that momentum into Long Beach with a strong performance.


He qualified 10th with an 83 point run, and took out Kristaps Bluss in the Top 32 to grab a solid amount of points.


As he currently sits in 12th, he could easily finish in the Top 10 this season and be a thorn in the championship contenders’ sides.


Another dark horse this year will be Dai Yoshi – wait, sorry, that’s Pat Goodin.


It looks like his Enjuku Racing team has gotten the turbo V8 S13 dialed in perfectly, because Goodin was looking more comfortable than anyone else on the track all weekend.


The car looks great, and even with all that turbo V8 power under the hood, it’s one of the quietest cars in FD. That’s not a bad thing…It’s actually kind of cool to hear the tires squeal and not be deaf by the time the car goes by.


We’re confident that Goodin will grab his first podium this year, and be a force to be reckoned with all season.


This beautiful car here is piloted by none other than 2014 Rookie of the Year Geoff Stoneback.


Even though this was arguably the toughest week of his life, Stoneback showed why he was ROTY in 2014 with some excellent driving.


In case you didn’t know, Stoneback is the long lost brother of Daigo Saito. The more you know.


He took out Ken Gushi is the Top 32 with a great chase run.


Stoneback had to go up against Fredric Aasbo in the Top 16, which was not going to be the easiest of battles…


But he put up a hell of a fight and only lost to the event winner by the smallest of margins. Stoneback will be looking to improve on a solid 2014 season with some great points hauls like this one.


Alec Hohnadell raced with Enjuku Racing last year, but after falling short in the ROTY chase he has switched over to work with the guys over at Get Nuts Lab.


It seems like they know what they’re doing, because Hohnadell was absolutely ripping all weekend. The car clearly fits his aggressive, on-throttle style, which should help him to really show how good he is this year.


One of the new drivers this season is Masashi Yokoi, who has come over from D1 to compete.


His D-Max Silvia S15 is, to put it bluntly, the best looking car in FD. Period.


The reflective vinyl is a great touch to compliment the aggressive, yet stylish, D-Max bodykit.


Usually when popular drivers come over to FD from other series around the world, it takes a few events for them to get comfortable with the style of driving and setup that is needed to succeed here. Yokoi doesn’t follow history though, as he had one of the fastest cars all weekend and looked fairly comfortable on the street circuit.


As you can see, he didn’t let Fredric Aasbo intimidate him at all…A mistake from Yokoi gave Aasbo the win in the Top 32, but Yokoi made a mark on everyone with his aggressive chase style.


Although he’s not technically new, Tanner Foust must feel like a rookie after a 5-year hiatus from the sport.


The new VW Passat might be on the lower end of the power spectrum in FD, but Foust is one of the best in the biz and made the best of it.


A crash in practice just minutes before qualifying meant he barely qualified, and another incident with the Turn 10 wall during his Top 32 battle with Justin Pawlak meant his weekend came to an early end. There’s no doubt that the two-time champ will be back on top at some point; the question is how soon he can make that happen.


Notably absent from the Top 16 was Chris Forsberg, who made an uncharacteristic mistake in his battle with Pat Mordaunt which cost him the battle.


The car looks great, but it seemed as though he and his team were struggling to find the right setup throughout the weekend.


He qualified 2nd with a 94, which he said was a “conservative run,” but he never looked like the “Mr. Consistent” he has been for years. However, don’t be surprised if you see him destroy everyone at Atlanta in a few weeks time; Forsberg will be out to defend his title and close the huge gap to his main rival Aasbo.


Forsberg’s Drift Alliance brother Ryan Tuerck is looking like he finally has a car and a team behind him to fight for a championship.


The car looks great, with the throwback Toyota Racing colors. What looks even better is the way he is throwing it around like it’s a missile car.


The amount of smoke he is throwing out is ridiculous, and he looked super consistent all weekend. This could be the beginning of Tuerck’s best season yet.


It’s been a while since Tuerck has stood on the podium, and he cherished every moment up there in 3rd place.


Falling just a bit short of Tuerck was Matt Field, who is determined to not repeat the mistakes and car problems that had plagued him in 2014.


Field was shredding from the moment he hit the track on Friday morning to the OMT battle with Odi Bakchis ended his weekend by the smallest of margins.


His signature highlighter-yellow S14.5 is crazy fast and throws tons of smoke. Even though he met the tire barrier after contact with Robbie Nishida in the Top 8, he still showed that he is one of the best drivers in FD and that he can be a championship contender this season.


Many people had their doubts about the Hyundai Genesis Coupe that Odi Bakchis is piloting this year for the international events, but Bakchis worked his magic and set the car up to allow him to perform just as well as last season.


Bakchis finished 4th last season in the championship standings, and has come back this year looking for a championship.


His battles with Matt Field in the Top 4 were some of the best tandem runs we’ve seen at Long Beach, showing that both drivers will be fighting tooth and nail for the podium at every event.


A costly mistake in his final battle with Fredric Aasbo showed that he needs to come through in the clutch or he will finish just below the championship contenders as he did last year.


With the first round finished and the second round in Atlanta coming up soon, the points standings are as follows:

1. Fredric Aasbo – 105

2. Odi Bakchis – 83 (-22)

3. Ryan Tuerck – 68 (-37)

4. Matt Field – 68 (-37)

5. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 52 (-53)

6. Tyler McQuarrie – 51 (-54)

7. Robbie Nishida – 51 (-54)

8. Pat Mordaunt – 50 (-55)

9. Chris Forsberg – 38 (-67)

10. Justin Pawlak – 36 (-69)

We’ll have even more content from Long Beach, so keep an eye out for it!

I’d like to end this post with a message for everyone in the drifting community.


Geoff Stoneback’s brother-from-another-mother, Mark Lenardon, was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident early in the week before the event. Geoff got out to Long Beach from his home in Pennsylvania as soon as he could, and helped care for Mark in the hospital while Mark’s family made their way in from Michigan.

I’ve partied and shot with Mark for years now at Formula D and at ClubLoose, and I can easily say he was one of the funniest, down to Earth guys I’ve ever met. I’m honored to call him a friend.


I had the pleasure of meeting Mark’s father at the hospital, and he told me that the love and support that has poured out from the drifting community has kept his family strong.

Mark will forever be remembered as the fun-loving and talented media guy who always had a way to make someone laugh.

Mark, I speak for everyone at OMGDrift when I say that we will miss you more than anything, and that our love for you goes out to your wonderful family.

We’d also like to send our love to Geoff for his amazing acts of kindness for Mark and his family.


-Mike G.

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Midwest Dopeness >>> Street Life Tour 2014/U.S. Drift Round 3

September 25, 2014 • By



Another Street Life Tour is in the books, marking the first time the event has played host to U.S. Drift. Despite the somewhat low turnout of drivers, the action was just as exciting as any year prior. With no major (or minor, really) incidents to cause any delay, the action flowed smoothly and consistently until one driver walked away with the first place trophy and the big wad of cash that went with it. More after the jump!


Whereas in the past there have usually been well over 30-40 drivers turn up for what is definitely one of the most highly anticipated pro-am events of the year, turnout for 2014 saw just 17 drivers start the early morning practice sessions.


Street Life Tour has also typically played host to a round of Midwest Drift Union competition, but this year that changed and instead Kil-Kare Speedway catered to round three of U.S. Drift’s 2014 season. On hand to give advice and judge was some guy who I heard was apparently important in Formula D. I couldn’t find anything to confirm these rumors, however. I think his name was Chris Forsberg?


This event usually marks the only time I see certain drivers. Adam Ouziel used to be an MDU regular, now I see him only at Street Life Tour it seems.


Bill Cook was back with the drift taxi, but this time the only ridealongs he gave were to his crew and yours truly up to the grid.


The inside of his GS300 is decidedly more spartan than the inside of my own LS400.


In case you were wondering what those red banners were hanging from his rear spoiler were, well, now you know.


I tend to notice many drivers have earbuds in prior to making a run. Whatever it takes to get mentally prepared and stay focused, right?


There were engines for just about every type of fan out there, from the monster 13B of Mike Feiock…


…the supercharged LS of Jonathan Nerren…


…and the SR20DET of Josh Collins.


Heading up the US Drift point standings going into round three was Salvatore DiPompo, one of a handful of drivers I’ve never seen perform in person.


There was also some solid advice stuck to his gauge cluster.


One of the things I like most about Street Life Tour is that it’s one of the few, if not the only, events where I can climb up the judges’ tower for a better view of the action.


Due to the lack of entrants, qualifying didn’t so much determine who would make top 16 so much as it did the order. Troy Manners would clench the top spot in a car largely the same as it was last year.

Same car just small adjustments,” Manners said. “I added a little more boost and make 390 hp and 420 ft/lb torque, just a little more power but it really brought the car on for this year. It’s on point and definitely solid.”


Andrew Lewis grabbed the second qualifier position. He earned the nickname “Steely Dan” by the staff/judges/Forsberg in practice due to his choice of wheels.


Midwest Drift Union series points leader Brian Peter, who is used to qualifying at least in the top three, found himself back in eighth, a performance which could have been somewhat to blame on rough luck prior to practice.

My car didn’t pass tech and I spent all of practice with my team trying to figure out an electrical problem,” Peter said. “We figured it out right at the end and we got to the start and they let me run two laps. So I figured it out and ended up having a mediocre qualifying in eighth.”


The top sixteen drivers got about an hour or so of tandem practice, then it was on to the main event.


Drivers made their way to top 16 formation in front of the grandstands for the opening ceremonies, which always present the drivers with an opportunity to rally up the crowed for their support in the competition.


It’s also the last chance drivers have to relax and chill out for a bit before getting their game faces on.


After the presentation of colors, it was go time for the top 16 drivers.


Manners took a fairly easy win in the first matchup against Kyle Prewitt, the latter of which spun out on Manners’ chase run.


Bill Cook’s drift taxi was then up against Peters’ 2JZ-powered FC, with Peter taking the win.


I ended up getting paired with with by buddy Bill which is cool because we’ve known each other forever and I don’t really get to drive with him very often,” Peter said.


Josh Collins then got the win over the problem-ridden car of Cody Grim.


I watched him run and he was not as fast as I was, so my lead run I ran a normal run,” Nerren said. “He asked me if I was going to launch off the line and I said no, I’ll take it easy off the line and make it fair but once I get going I’m going to take off. I had 3-5 car lengths on him the entire run.”


“My follow run, since I knew I was faster than him, I initiated maybe two car lengths behind him,” Nerren added. “I made a slower pass but maintained control and just made sure I closer to him than he was to me and I ended up getting the win. I played it as safe as I could but I wanted to make sure I got the win.”


Andrew Lewis and Adam Ouziel met in a battle of S13s, with Lewis advancing on.


In the next round, Mike Feiock took out the points leader to put the rotary in the top eight.


Austin Meeks’ super clean S14 looked good, but ultimately fell to Chris Allen’s Mustang.


Rounding out the top 16 battles was that between Hooman Rahimi and Jim Bissey; the red Z of Rahimi would be packing it up after their sets of runs.


With the rosters said for top eight, the first match was between Manners and Peter, with Manners ultimately advancing on after a one-more-time.

That was a hard battle,” Manners said. “The first set of runs we were pretty equal. On the second set of runs I was pretty well on him on my chase run, I put down a good lead run and got the win there.”


Peter partly blamed the defeat on mental mistakes.

Driving MDU my car is usually faster and usually have to pedal it and give the other driver a little bit of room,” Peter said. “I didn’t get to watch anyone’s practice because I was working on the car, and I gave him some room which was a big mistake. I couldn’t catch up until the last two corners. We went one more time and I made the same mistake I usually make; I stared at the car and not paying attention to where I am on the course. As I was following him I didn’t realize where I was on the bank, and I had to make a bunch of corrections and kind of went off course a little. He drove really hard and he really deserved it.”


Jonathan Nerren and Josh Collins were up next, and Nerren ended Collins’ day with a win and advancement to top four.

“(Collins) didn’t run as much angle and was slower so I played it safe,” Nerren said. “On my lead run I ran my own run, hit the clips and put my car where I wanted it. On the follow run, I left a small gap for a small bit of safety in case he spun, but he was slower than I was so I kept a safety net in there because I didn’t want to run over him or take myself out.”


Nerren also seemed to have taken some bits out of his exhaust system as it scraped around the track in a display of sparks.


The following battle between Lewis and Feiock was by far one of the closest of the event.

“It could have been he or I easily,” Lewis said.


Lewis took the win, but it definitely wasn’t for lack of effort on Feiock’s part. Both drivers were on each others’ doors for basically the entire runs, with Feiock displaying some of the most aggressive driving I’ve ever personally witnessed from him.


Bissey’s win over Allen eliminated the sole American entry to move on to top four.


Manners would continue his string of wins by taking down Nerren to move on to the final four.

He was definitely consistent and fast all day,” Nerren said of Manners. “When I went against him, I entered faster than I had all day. But on my lead run I came out a little too far off the bank and didn’t follow the line the judges wanted and had to make a correction, and that was the issue carrying extra speed into the bank. The rest of my run was on my point, but at the end of the day the judges saw where I made that mistake and I think that’s ultimately what gave him the win in top four.”


“That was a pretty close battle,” Manners said. “We were pretty on each other but I ended up getting the advantage there.”


Being down but not out, Nerren was supposed to run against Bissey, but with the latter having a broken axle, Nerren brought home the bronze.


Having never run this track before, we just tested what worked,” Nerren said. “We changed out setup a little bit all day, changing things until the car felt nice and controllable and easy to drift while being quick at the same time,” Nerren said. “By the end of the day, we had the car where we wanted it.”


And with that the stage for the final match was set between Lewis and Manners, with Manners ultimately getting the win and remaining undefeated in his 2014 season.


I laid down a decent set of first runs, but they weren’t my best,” Manners said. “He was pretty well on me and we got a one more time. On the one more time in the final, I laid down one of the best runs I’d had all weekend, and he chased me decent but I kind of lost him through the infield. I laid down a real good chase run, I was right on his door for most of the run and ended up getting the win.”


Manners said it was also a good thing there weren’t any more runs.

After we finished the last run, I don’t know if my clutch overheated or what but I couldn’t get my car to come out of gear, so I was hoping we didn’t go again,” he said. “I was really beating on it against Andrew Lewis giving it everything.”


Manners’ win bumped him up to third in the U.S. Drift standings. He said he’d like to take the next step towards Formula D next year; it’s said that every driver who has won at Street Life Tour in the past has gone on to compete at Formula D at some level.

I still have an FD license from last year so I don’t have to win again to go to Pro 2, so I’ll try and get a good proposal together and hopefully do at least a few Pro 2 events,” he said.


As for Lewis, his FD license from last year is also still valid.


“I’m aiming for Pro 2,” Lewis said. “That’s my goal. This is my last event (this year); I’m taking this car apart and probably selling the chassis. I have an S14 sitting there, it’s a California car and absolutely beautiful. Painting it the same color and keeping it JZ but making the drivetrain as stout as I can. I’m done with this car.”


At the conclusion of round three, Bissey surpassed DiPompo to take a 247-237 lead to be on top of the standings, and Manners’ win bumped him up to third.


U.S. Drift rounds four and five will be held back to back on October 4 at Virginia International Raceway. With just 16 points separating first and third place, the championship is still up in the air.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Best FD Event In History? We Say Yes!!

June 27, 2014 • By

FDWall_Friday-111Round 4 at Wall Speedway always throws some surprises into the championship, and this year was no exception. Fredric Aasbo leapfrogged his way into 2nd place and Vaughn Gittin Jr. lost a significant amount of points after his exit in the Top 16. Let’s take a look at all three podium finishers and some other interesting points from last weekend.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Aasbo, Forsberg, and Bakchis Stand Tall At Wall!!

June 21, 2014 • By


It has been a crazy day at Wall, and Fredric Aasbo has finally taken home his first victory!! Finishing 2nd was Chris Forsberg, making him 4-for-4 this season with podiums, and finishing 3rd was our very own Odi Bakchis!

We want to send a huge congratulations to Odi and his team for an absolutely stunning performance this weekend! AWESOME JOB!!


We’ll have full coverage up soon, but for now, check out this gallery from today!

-Mike G.

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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Jeremy Lowe at FDTX!!

October 8, 2013 • By

I was really excited going into Round 6 of Formula D at Texas Motor Speedway. I knew it was going to be my last round of the season, plus it’s a new track, and I had nothing to lose. I felt really confident to go out there and give it hell! Going into the event we had the car running the best it ever has, buttt between testing and hitting the road for TX, we also decided to make a seemingly minor change and learned a very important lesson as a result.

More after the jump

Formula Drift Dopeness

Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Mike Essa Grabs His 2nd Win of the Season!!

September 15, 2013 • By

Round 6 is in the books, and the first event at Texas Motor Speedway was full of surprises. Mike Essa and the GSR Autosport BMW M3 took home their second victory of the season, pushing them ahead of 3rd place finisher Chris Forsberg and the NOS Energy Drink 370z. 2nd place was taken by our very own Matt Field and the Blacktrax Performance/CX Racing S14.

Congrats to everyone on an amazing event, and congrats to Matt Field for his first (of many) carbon fiber trophy!

We’ll have full coverage up soon, but in the meantime be sure to check out the gallery on our Facebook page.

-Mike G.