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Northwest Dopeness >>> Full Course Tire Torment

What an amazing weekend. If the NASA NW–National Auto Sport Association NorthWest–season closer at Portland International Raceway was any indication, I’d say they have birthed something not unlike Gatebil. A melting pot of car culture, united by the lust for fuel, tarmac and tires. Read More »

Grassroots Dopeness >>> Marco Meets D Spec

When I first picked up my camera in 2010, I was lost in the world of drift. I was just a fan with a camera, trying to figure out who owned which car and how my little camera worked. After going to an event or two, I met a group of cool guys with a handful of vibrant Japanese tuner ... Read More »

Track Dopeness >>> The Evolution of a Skidpad

From parking lots to oval tracks, grassroot drift events take place wherever the staff are willing to take them. Since Florida is only home to a handful of tracks, the southeast drift community struggled to find a legal location to hang with friends and waste away tires without police involvement. One of the tracks willing to house these hooligans and ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Finally Coming Home

It’s not very often that a photographer has the opportunity of traveling to a professional level event only 30 minutes from his hometown. Luckily for me, starting in 2011, Formula Drift added Palm Beach to their US series. With a track so close and a group of friends who also shared my love for racing, I had made the trip ... Read More »

Northwest Dopeness >>> Oregon Trail Rally: Friday Night Shindig

As I write this, I am still recovering from an exhilarating yet exhausting weekend. This time of the year, Oregon is in the spotlight of one of the largest rally events in the nation.  The Oregon Trail Rally, hosted by the Rally America series, took place from the 3rd through the 5th of this month. In these next few posts, ... Read More »

Northwest Dopeness >>> Cars And Coffee In The Rose City

It’s the off-season, and aside from the ongoing drift events that happen at Pat’s Acres and beyond, there’s not much bustling around. However, car culture is very much alive in Oregon, and this weekend’s Cars and Coffee meet in Portland was certainly no exception. More after the jump! Read More »